Cartoon Briefs And Wedgies Dx

Hey guys this is my first story and its going to be over a painful experiance when i have about 7, so first off now I am 15 and I like briefs I wear them and boxerbirefs so basicly when i was younger I liked cartoon brief and my brother who was 13 wore boxers and teased me for my briefs so one day i was alone with him at our house and I was laying on my stomch watching t.v. and he sneeked up behind me and grabed on the my spongebob briefs and yanked hard then started laughing at them so he said i haven got to give you a good wedgie in a while so he went down to owr basment and hung me by my briefs on one of our exercise machines and took all of my cloths except my briefs so he left me hanging there and he was craking up over the expreshion on my face, I was about to cry because it hurt really bad but anyway he left me there to go up stares na watch t.v. so the whole time im think please rip, please rip but the sad think was is that they were brand new breifs so they wernt ripping any time soon so i was forced to hang there for nearly and hour and by the time my leg hole had reached half way up my back he came back down again and so somthin like aww you look so helpless up there and pulled on my legs and I higher then I would have liked squeal came out of my mouth so he laughed and left again, after I thought I was about to die because I had been up there for a little more than an hour I started bobing up and down and swinging back and forth and beleve me it hurt really bad so finally after doing that for I minute my briefs satrted tearing and then riped off and I fell to the ground so i ran to my room and grabed another pare of underwear but all I had were briefs so I grabed a pair of my mickey mouse briefs and before I could get any clothes my brother caught me and thought me outside in just my superman briefs so I had to hide aout there an till he let me in also to make it worst there were people driveing by and they saw me and started laughing I think, basicly it was horriable

thanks guys, should I make for posts?
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LMAO!!! Thats the best story under pet cow EVER!

I'm not denying the truth of your story, it's just hard to understand anything because of the lack of punctuation and grammer.

You know he is young so I don't think you should be a grammar nazi to him