I would love to have a pet cow. I would name her Moozey. Moozey and I would go for strolls in the pasture. We would find the sweetest buttercup patches and roll in the long grass.

I already love the little baby cows. I want to set them free from their tiny enclosures.

Mello Mello 26-30, F 22 Responses Jun 9, 2008

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White bulls seem so sweet. :)

I was watching a TV show last night, "When Good Pets Go Bad" (which was a spin on animal cruelty is bad and makes animals do this-awesome!) and there was a beutiful white bull in a rodeo that was too sweet to buck and kick, so they tried to make him mean and mad... he wasn't having it, still sweet. Anyways, he eventually crushed the guy. :)

So as far as I have seen, White Bulls seem to be sweet hearts. :P

I want a white bullas a pet? I am not sure why I have just always wanted one.

I want a white bullas a pet? I am not sure why I have just always wanted one.

I have a character for your story :)

I've always wanted to pet a baby Bison.

Petting a cow is FUN! So's a buffalo!!!

Yay Mello gets her Moozey!

I think so!!!

Is that a yes? :)

*shakes head*

LMAO ! So do you get to keep that sweet little calf in the picture?

Blue, does that mean some day I'll be obsessed with tennis balls?

That is her it's the silliest thing i have ever seen .

Bonk bonk bonk goes the puppy.

Yeah but i don't lay down and make anyone take me for a drag on a leash. lol

Pet cow. That's nice.

You know what they say,,, Pets are just like there owners sooner or later.,,,,, I'm just sayin,,,,

I have a dog who has never worn a leash (she thinks you are trying to kill her with a collar) and i think she believes she is a cow? Have you ever seen how a cow wil put there head against a gate or barn door ...She does , she is mental lol

Hehe. :) I could see that too. :P Although I think Moozey will never wear a leash.

I want a dog that has never worn a leash, but I need to live out in the middle of nowhere for that...

ROFL! I'm picturing you leading this cow BY A LEASH, down a road for an evening stroll!! And I can picture this well, cause I used to have neighbors that DID THIS with their goats!! lol

Indeed! The cows Blue and I went to see. (there are photos in his album) are in tiny little enclosures with plastic Igloo houses... :( They live on rocks and not grass.

This is because their mothers are dairy cows. These babies will either become dairy cows, or lunch.

Baby cows shouldn't be in enclosures. Who does that? Those little calves need to play like Timothy does.

Bad farmers!