I Have A Soft Spot For Cows

When I am out in the country, I am always drawn to cows, and have studied the way they behave. When you make a noise, like call on them, they stare at you and as a heard they slowly get near each other then move closer towards you. I always feel it is a little sad when i say goodbye to the cows as I think they look a little sad, and they are all numbered, with only some time to live. So yes maybe I would want a pet cow, and would not have to go to the shop for milk. What would you call your cow ?
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1 Response Oct 16, 2012

Depends on the cow. Probably something regal. Like Glenda or 'Lizbeth. Or M'lady. XD

Mona. Had a cow named Mona when I was a kid. Used to call he "Moooona."

Hey moooona