I can only imagine the security deposit the apartment management would want...

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my friend is mad on cows.... she calls her self molly moo and wears cow clothes too :L also a cow bed cow alarm clock cow door.. u get the picture

I have been longing for a pet dragon... but there is no 'litter box'
that big.. What ever shall I doo???

Where I lived in San Diego many years ago in a suburban area a neighbor actually had a cow and a pig! And this was in the city limits. At lunchtime my buddy and I used to go feed them, we were only a few houses aways. I think my friend had a thing for the pig always petting it and giving it big clumps of grass--must have been envisioning how many meals there could be. The cow and I got along fine, she was always gentle when I fed her she seemed happy to recieving the attention and as to thank me every once in while I would get a moo from her. Thing is it has been many years now and when I go to visit there I think of her and the pig and it brings a warm smile to me.

I bet you could potty train a cow. I'm sure they're as smart as a dog.

I don't know if I would want that job

lol, plus I would hire someone else to clean up after it, or I wonder if cows can be potty trained?

all the while Scientology ads will continue to increase on EP