Wow Now Brown Cow :)

Hi everybody ...or should I say hi cow-loving-everybody!!! :)

I am sooo excited to be here on Experienceproject and meet this group. I have just made a profile on it and immediatelly found this group. But first of all a few words about myself: I am crazy about cows (purely platonic point of view of course) and I think they are the cutest animals ever. Ever since I can remember I have liked them more that other animals, but people around me can't understand that even if they accept it ...or maybe they don't even accept it, they just think it's weird.

Anyway, except for this, I'm your everyday regular 24 yearold girl, but with a tint of being the perfect housewife (that is when and if i will ever find that special someone ...yes I am the classical romantic and want that as well). I enjoy cooking, art crafts, music, computer puzzle games, and of course :D (am always looking for cow printed stuff ...I do favor them a little :P).

Anyway, back to cow stuff. Since I don't have a farm or anything like that, I have a plushed cow toy, the cutest plushed cow ever, named Carla. I've had her for about 10 years now and I still favor her over all other plushed animals I own (and that I ever will); she's number 1. I am going to post some photos of me&Carla on my profile so other cow lovers can see her and I hope I can make some cow loving friends here in this group. Since I am new here I don't yet know how to do that, but rest assured that I will. Hope to see more stories here in my new favorite group.

Have a cow day!

PS: that's what I secretly call a nice relaxing day - think cows on the field grazing, enjoying the sun, napping

thathyanna thathyanna
Feb 18, 2009