Cows, Cows Everywhere

I live in the country and am surrounded by pasture land. There have got to be over 1000 cows with their calves.  I love it. I get to look at them and enjoy but don't have to take care of them. I love watching the calves prancing around.  My dogs chase them and start a stampede. Coming from the city noises I love the sound of cows mooing.  I never thought I would like the smell of cow manure!

Sometimes they get out and then I have cows in my yard. one time I had over 50 of them wandering around. Imagine looking out of your bedroom window and there are cows just outside.  LOL

One time I tried to herd them cause they were on the road, well, they just did what they wanted to do, so I called the police to do the herding.

Sometimes the cows chase my dogs, what a sight.

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2 Responses Mar 7, 2009

I hate to be the one being negative here, but wtf do you think you are to let your dogs chase cows??? You're lucky the farmer or rancher wasn't around to spoil your little "party" with them. FYI, farmers/ranchers do have rights to shoot dogs that molest any of their livestock, no matter what you think. And good for the cows to chase your dogs out of the pasture, they had no business being in there.<br />
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As for the cattle being in your yard, you didn't know who's cattle they were that got out? It probably would've been easier to call up the owner instead of the cops, seeing it was the owner's responsibility to get his cows back in again.<br />
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Sorry for the rant but I'll tell you what: simply looking at the cattle are one thing, but to have to look after them and learn more and more about them is totally different, and IMHO way more fun.

I like cows too, they have such gentle eyes.