Lol... We Had One....

When I was a teenager my mom had a pet cow.. She was a Holstein named Rowdy... That was one kickass cow...  She was acquired when  she was less then a week old from a local dairy...  She was bottle fed and played with often..  As long as my mom had her, she never knew she was a cow.. She was a person, or more like a dog.  She would play tag and would love to lay in your lap.. It was cute when she was little, but it was a little different when she weighed about 1000lbs and had a lethal set of horns...  It was humorus, yet dangerous when she would come up and wanna play...  You always had to watch your back.. Otherwise you would end up be poked and prodded or squished by a ginormous heiffer...  Lol... Not so fun...

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It was fun but a lot of work...I'm thinkin you're right on that point.. Unless you wanna say something like "What it was either a dane or the cow." "Which would you rather?" lol

I would have love to have done something like that. I guess I still could, just not in my apartment. I'm now sure they'd be happy with a pet cow.

The baby was about a wk old when my mom got her..<br />
Yep bottle feeding is very cute... Except for the slobber that can go every where.. lol

You had a tiny baby cow?! I bet bottle feeding was just about the cutest thing.

Anything to help.... lol :)

good point! ;)

Lol... Probably not.. Don't think your neighbors would not like it much either... ((hugs))

lol, that is such a cute story! :) i love cows, although i don't know if having one as a pet would work for me. we'd need a bigger yard, and my puppy wouldn't like having to share the attention with a 1000 lb. playmate!

I don't have yahoo here.. I'm at my moms...

Hey Cali, can you get on Yahoo? I need to talk to you.

I know..... I think oh S**t and run.... Then she wants to play tag.. I ain't playin'... lol I trying to save myself...

lol, the cow's thinking "mommaaa!!" and you're thinking "Oh ****!"

Ha.... lol... Kinda painful too.... lol

I bet that was funny having a 1,000 pound cow coming up to you and laying her head in your lap!

You must have a very big heart dedre... That is so touching.. I'd love to see the baby... *tearing up*.... <br />
Yes.. Let it rest... ((hugs))

just chillin in front of the fireplace, I would check it more, but I don't recall seeing it sleep since it's been born, so I'll let it rest

Awww.... lol<br />
That's funny... He's like look at our new baby... How sweet is that.. I'm sure your sister got a kick out of it.. I would have... :)<br />
So how is the baby doing now???

lol, yea, when my dad discovered the awesomeness of webcams with IM's this morning, he actually carried the calf into my bedroom to show my sister (who is in CA), it was hilarious!

Awww...<br />
What an amazing story... That is soooo sweet.. I hope the baby makes it... So she's staying in the living room? Very very lucky cow... That is a very heart rendering story.. Thank you for sharing..<br />
<br />
Dedre I didn't know you had it in you... aww (((xoxoxox)))<br />
<br />
And no I am not a hater... lol You can keep your new pet cow... *walking away thinking life's not fair* lol

OMG what timing!! Growing up we had to bottle feed a calf whose momma died on the family farm, I named her "lucky" and Grandpa or I fed her everyday until she was big enough to join the herd.<br />
****AND yesterday morning (fri morning) one of the oldest cows in the herd (skin and bones, blind in one eye, etc) fell down the gulley up on the hill, and when we investigated we found she was pregnant, thank goodness Jr. is such a great farm-hand, he c-sectioned the premature (by at least a week) calf out, and it is now resting in our living room (due to inclement weather we knew it wouldn't survive outside right now).<br />
I got a baby pet cow (again), cower in jealousy!!<br />
<br />
I just hope she lives...born premature-forced on friday the 13th, even her hooves weren't completely solid yet, if she makes it, I think we'll name her "miracle" *tear*

Lol..<br />
It happens often... My mom had cows, chickens, goats, pigs.... You name it she had them.. lol and they all had names... There's no way you can eat a duck named Stanley or a pig named Rosie... lol Try tellin your kids that they have Houdini on their plate... lol It doesn't go over well...