Been There.

When i was about 10 all i wanted for a pet was a cow.  the best i ever got was a  bearded dragon. At the age of 14 i started working on a farm, and the farmer gave me a calf for a pet because it was slightly lame in the rear leg and he didnt want to euthanise it.  My wish of having a cow finally came true, but at a cost.  she was adorable as a little calf, she followed me everywhere, then she gre up and boy do i wish i didnt have her, she ate 10 times more, she was ten times louder and tring to keep her fenced in became a daily routine.  I must admit it was fun, and i wish i had another cow for a pet.

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3 Responses May 24, 2009

sounds great =]<br />
too bad they arent treated like a dog or a cat is. =/

yep, i still hae her, she wighs about 3/4 ton now, and has horns. ill never get rid of her

yup, they sure grow bigger thoose cows! do you stille have the cow?