I Have a Pet Monkey

you can ask me anything and I can help I teach primate care - and in the past have raised all kinds of exotic animals Primates are not for homes - tell you more later if anyone really wants to know

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Well Crazzyjohnblue1 - I have primates not birds so I really dont have a comment as to what type of bird to get - I can only say animals aren't toys and I would first teach your children how to behave around them. Nothing likes to be chased... When asked if my animals bite I always say yes... If it has a mouth it can bite (and HURT) the large birds can take off a finger so PLEASE before getting something like that teach your kids to respect animals first-

i have always wanted a big cockatoo but did not really have the room for that or the money to get one. are they that hard to take of? one of my friends have some love birds and they hear the radio at night and go nuts you can hear them in the back ground singing. a few times that i was over there and he had the cages uncovered they would go nuts and i thought was kind of cool. i would like a bird that i could play with and take it with me when i go to town. what kind bird do you think that would be ? the only thing that might get in the way would my kids because thy want to hold every thing and chase my animals now. please tell me how i get my kids to stop wanting to hold and touch all the animals ? i know that some of the bigger birds can get very snappy at people that want to pet them or hold them that is the problem that i would have with my kids . i had a friend that had a green or a gray bird and the only thing is that it was very gentle and loved to play with your glasses and your ears and i loved that bird it is a bird that the pirut carries with them . if i not wrong i think they call those birds green or gray aficans is that right ? i would love to hear from you on this THANK YOU FROM CRAZZYJOHNBLUE1

Hi, I'm looking to adopt a Capchin monkey as an assistant disabled person like myself. do you have any breeder willing to help me out? thanks

hi i have just got a marmoset monkey he is 5weeks old. just thought id stop say hi. maybe we could chat about monkeys. im intrested in peoples experience with monkeys