That is what EP is about isn't it?

To be able to express who you are and what you feel. To be able to do it with out someone getting jealous, upset, mad because you have written a story about something that has happened in your life.

Had come across a good friend story that got me to thinking about how it used to be able to express what feelings were and how it supportive and fun. Now many friends of can't express how they feel in open cause they fear of being attacked or ridiculed for how they feel.

What gives anybody on here the right to judge someone else and the choices that they make?

How can we play the "armchair" expert on things from someone else's life?

Don't think that we can, none of us can. The only person that can judge me, is me. As long as I am true to me and values that have been tested time and again, that is all I can have and hold on to.

Will there be issues that make your blood boil and get you upset so much that you can't see straight? Of course there will be, but can you discuss the issue with out becoming an *** about it? Can you disagree and say that you disagree then let it go? Or will you be the type of person that feels that cause your moral compass is the ONLY right one that you will go after that person till they bend to your morals?

If so are you really in the right to impose yourself on that person? I would think not.

There are simple rules for interactions on EP....

The Golden Rule is first and foremost...

Second - Judge not... What right do you have?

Third - Be respectful... Sometimes agreeing to disagree is the best route and let it go...

Fourth - Be you..... Don't be someone else......

Just my guidelines and has served me well.....

Hope that the soul of EP does come back and be fun yet again for everyone....
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EP can't handle all of the problems... but in my experience with them, they try to be fair and reasonable. As for policing ourselves, moderators can't delete unacceptable comments but don't and too many folk feel using the block button is a sin. Check out my political stories and you'll see reasoned discussion as I don't allow off task or vitiolic posters to continue. I met a wonderful woman of the opposite persuasion that way ... LilAnnie - a completely reasoned debater who will never agree with me. Love that girl now!

Is EP even aware of all of those that attack the others? <br />
<br />
They have tried keeping some off of here and banned them for life kind of thing but somehow they are still getting on... <br />
<br />
Others have had the story taken down and gets the member who started attacking even more into the attack mode...<br />
<br />
So as for keeping it unchecked? Think that sometimes it is up to the members to police it themselves....

Come on guys... there are plenty of folks who enjoy causing discontent and patroling these blogs and setting folks off is fun!! (from their point of view) My question is, if EP is aware of their conduct, will EP allow it to continue unchecked.

Thanks for the comments Drew...... Don't know why there are those that troll to just be offended by the content, maybe morbidly curious. A live and let live is what I try to do as well but I try to hold the blocking to being the last thing to do for I don't think that I should have to hide my stories from anyone, but that is how I am.

Thank you M2BF... Myself I don't discuss politics or religion on EP at all for the same reasons that I don't discuss them at work. <br />
<br />
If they need to be discussed then they are done in a forum where it is conducive to do so. However politics like so many things is subject and ends being a who blames who. Who is the bigger idiot, hence I don't discuss.<br />
<br />
As for those who decide to judge and point the finger, if they must judge me and what I do and how I do it, then I stand by my actions for they are the ones who will be judged harshly for their issues.

I've taken to blocking every member of the judgmental groups... no second chances. If you are here to judge me and proud enough to admit it - then I get to judge you first!!<br />
<br />
I don't really care to fight... though I'm guilty in the area of politics... but anyone who goes into a political thread and expects a civil discourse needs to be judged themselves!!

It is no problem Smilingfaces. Understand how it can be..... (I yard sale too)<br />
<br />
<br />
Yes shadoweyes - it is the world we live in and there are those that do that just cause... Sad really...<br />
<br />
Thanks for the comments....

This is the world we live in, whether it be online or outside. There will be those that choose to disrupt and cause harm to others purposefully, and those that do it without really knowing. Hearing what others have written about peoples stories makes me a little sad that people can be so hurtful/racist/ignorant. But like I said, this is the world we live in, it makes me wanna scream sometimes.

Sorry mtvlm, I should have used quotation marks in that. I am not saying there is garbage because my trash is another's treasure (yes I love yard sales but mean it figuratively now!!) but was quoting what I read in another story earlier that has me kind of upset! I see now that it did not come across correctly!

Thanks CuriousSgt...... Appreciate your input.....

Have to agree Sahira - Not sure how someone can sit back and say they should have done this or that in what situation that they were in.... That is just playing the analyzer after the fact, we have enough people on TV and everywhere doing that...<br />
<br />
<br />
Smilingfaces - As far as garbage on here, I can't say one way or the other, I do know that if I find a group or person that like to do things that I find to be - let us say - less than tasteful or my morally wrong. I don't friend them and don't join the group. I don't attack them and say that they should be locked up and try to kick them off of EP.... Just think that person can have their views but I want no part of it.

Amen! There are some very judgemental people on here though who feel that it is their right and responsibility to clean up ep of the garbage. I am not sure how they define garbage, but I might fall into that category! Scary!

Thank you dear Sweet Pix.... ;-))

:-) nice post mt, I agree!