Rocco 2

This was impossible. "Girls its no big deal!" My mom said lighting about seven candles. All of this and Michelle is at camp! I yelled. It's no fair! I thought of Michelle probably at the lake swimming with friends. "Well I guess we can have our own camp here!" said my mom. With no electricity? I said looking for my sister. "Hey sis." she said grabbing me. Um hi. I said sitting on the red leather couch. I looked outside at the snow glittering in the moonlight. My dad was fast asleep, while we were obtaining all this. Like that was fair. I quickly grabbed my coat
and ran to my grandmothershouse.

What will happen to Mariah? Who is Rocco?find out in Part 3.
Riahcutie Riahcutie
18-21, F
Feb 16, 2013