I Want To Give My Husband A Prostate Massage.

This has been humming in my head for a while now. But I want him to feel the full release from one. He will love it once he has it done. If I show up with my nails cut short he is going to know what is coming.
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I can't even explain how bad I want to give my boyfriend a prostate massage. He's told me he's just not interested in it. Two things he's ruled out completely are 1) bondage and 2) any sort of male anal play (the only real thing being prostate massage, since I won't go any further with it than that, with strap ons and such). My ex LOVED prostate massages, though I almost never did it because he didn't keep himself quite clean enough for me, but the thought of the taboo and intimate nature of it draws me in. I want to give my bf an amazing ****** and see him come a lot, perhaps even draw out some pre-*** if it'll happen. That would be so hot! But he won't let me try, and idk how to convince him to just give it ONE chance, and never again if he doesn't enjoy it. *pouty face* He wants to give me anal, but won't let me do this to him....any thoughts on this?

I have a female doctor. The 1st time she gave me a prostate exam, I shot a load onto the exam table. Wham! I didn't get hard, just up went he finger and Splurt!

We both pretended nothing had happened. She's probably seen it all.

I still see her for an annual exam. I never had another experience like the 1st one. Maybe she was a bit too rough that time.

I wonder what she does for her husband . . .

YES YES! Awesome

What a lucky man and i hope he knows just how lucky he is! May be you can talk to my wife and get her over the "dirty" factor? Let us know how it went.

Cut your nails, baby! This is a lovely time for both of you

he will love you for that!

My wife recently gave me my FIRST *******, this week in fact and I loved it. I had to almost beg her to do it but when I seen her coming to me with that gloved hand and lubing dripping off it, I knew I was headed for heaven. I wanted her to do it again for me last night but she knows she will start her SPECIAL DAYS in just a few days. I am can not wait to feel her hand totally up inside me again.

I'm trying to convince my gf to give me one

I've been trying for quite a while to convince my husband to let me give him a prostate massage. When I ask he shrugs his shoulders & say "I guess" which I take to mean no. If be willing to cut my nails for him. Anything ! He's never had a prostate exam so I said might as well let me get a start with it because there will be a day when the doctor is going to do it and by then that won't be all that bad. Still working on it.

Prostate massage is amazing, me next please