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Prostate Play -- A Finger Up My Butt !!

The first time I ever received a prostate massage was in the Doctor's office, and I was in my very early twenties! I was having some "guy problems" and I was at the Urologists office to get an exam and get my problem fixed.

I was shown into the exam-room and told to take off all my clothes and put on this cloth hospital gown -- the type with no back!! I was told to sit on the exam table and wait. Soon the male assistant came in and did all the introductory work and was surprisingly quickly followed by the Doctor himself, still accompanied by his male assistant. I usually have to wait an eternity for the Doctor to come in after the introductory work has been completed. We talked about my problem, and the male assistant took notes. He then asked me to stand up and take off the gown. I did it - and there I stood buck naked in front of two guys. I was used to being naked in front of guys in Gym Class at college and at Spas, etc, but this was different as I was nude, and they werent! I felt vulnerable. He just checked everything! Under my arm pits, my neck, my penis and testicles, my anus, and even had me lie on my back on the exam table and palpated my abdomen and then penis and testicles again and the area under the testicles as I was lying on my back.

He then asked me to turn over and get on all fours with my arms head and shoulders down on the exam table and my naked, bare butt sticking way up in the air. He told me he needed a sample of my ***** and that I would have to undergo a prostate massage to get the type of specimine that he needed. I did it -- and there I was in my naked glory, butt up in the air and penis and testicles swinging below just for everyone in the room to see. [I'm sure they did not care, as that is their business and they are used to it] but I had never felt so nude and totally exposed with all my private parts and places on full display!! He then started to lube up my boy hole, and I tell you he put enough lube up my hole to lubricate a Cement Truck. Boy, you could say I had a slippery butt hole!! He then stuck his finger full length up my hole and then very slowly brought it back out again until he hit my prostate gland. He then started sort of slowly with circular and "come hither" index finger movements up my *** massaging my gland. The prostate massage very quickly became a very, very vigorous experience with him really pushing and rubbing my gland very fast. My D--k and B---s were swinging around, and the feeling of the swinging plus the stimulation to my sensative prostate gland started to give me a Raging Hard-On! Soon, I felt some liquid leaking out of the tip of my D--k and the Doctor stopped the massage and popped his finger out and his assistant stuck a glass plate under the tip of my D--k in order to collect the specimine. The Doctor took the specimine and left the room while his male assistant went to work cleaning up my sticky lubed boy hole. He took forever in doing this as the Doctor had used a river of sticky lube and had really shoved it deep up my hole!! I have always had a really sensative hole, and have always had to concentrate to my max not to get a hard-on even during my regular physical exams when the Doctor briefly sticks his finger up my hole to check the prostate gland. So, as this male assistant is wiping and pushing on my sensative hole, my D--k just gets as hard as a rock and becomes very difficult to ignore. He finally finished the clean up job, and hands me back my gown with no back and asks me to sit on the table again and wait for the Doctor to return. He cannot help but see the raging hard-on I am sporting!! I was just mortified with embarassment, but I had no control. As I sat there my penis kept leaking clear sticky stuff, so in no time at all, I had this big wet spot on the front of my hospital gown. I sat there forever waiting. He and his assistant finally returned, and he told me what my treatment was going to be. He saw the big wet spot, and sort of laughed and said that it happens to everyone after this procedure has been performed on them. His assistant sort of smiled too, but kept low key. The Doctor said that I should clean up my drippy D--k with some wet paper towel before I got dressed again. He left, and the Assistant pulled out some paper towel and got it wet with some warm water and gave it to me and left the exam room. I wiped my penis with the wet, warm towel and shot a load all over the place. After I cleaned that up, I got dressed, picked up my perscription form and left.

Well, I NEVER had even thought that such a thing as a prostate massage was even possible!! It was a true "pleasure awakening" for me. After that, I started to have prostate play with my lovers. It is a massively satisfying, fulfilling, and intense sexual experience. It is really fun for those into anal or ***-play! It is fun to both give and to receive!! it is best to start out slow doing only two or three massages in a row, because you will come and come and finally come with no white sticky stuff coming out at all - just the sensation. This can become blissfully painful if you do it too many times in a row as the prostate gland becomes overly stimulated and you have the sensation that you have to pee and to come at the same time. Your penis also gets really hard and then soft and then hard again without you having any control over it. It helps to sit in a tub of tollerably hot water after it is over as this reduces the symptoms of the aftermath to some degree and makes you feel more comfortable.

This is a very intimate and exciting sexual experience. It is really an amazing sexual sensation adventure !

Try it if you like, but go slow and be careful not to do too much too fast!

Bottoms Up !!
medicalenemaboy medicalenemaboy 61-65, M 5 Responses Jun 20, 2012

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I would love to enjoy that experience!

That is almost the best story. If the assistant would have helped you after the doctor left, it would have been the best. I never knew a prostate massage was so beneficial. I look forward to it someday.

Thank you, there is nothing better than a hot male finger up your ******* massaging my male prostate gland when my **** is hard as a rock!

how wonderfully humiliating!

Yeah, it was sexually great!

Actually, how sexually humiliating and wonderful!

Just a cooperative partner is enough!

I've never had an exam quite that thorough. I read this slowly so I could enjoy it as though I was there.

Thank you! It is a true experience -- if you have not tried this I urge you to do it. It will leave you breathless and more satisfied sexually than you have ever been!

Now to find a "doctor."