How This Works

Basically, you make up "quest" or "challenges" for other people to try to do and do some yourself from other people. Make an adventure, have an adventure - cool, right?

It has to be something legal, sensible and enjoyable. The goal is to get people out of the house and exploring the world around them!

The challenges should be local, because this is for people who can't fly or travel often. This is open to all age groups of course!

The challenges, again, should try to get people to be social and allow them to have fun! Motivation!

Here are some examples:
"Take a picture of every stop sign within a mile"
"Give a toy to a stranger's child that seems in need"
"Take the bus to some place 50 miles away and have fun"
"Meet the people who work at every establishment within 4 miles, take their picture, and ask them for a piece of advice/quote to include next to their picture"
"Write down something that is out of your comfort zone. (Do this first before scrolling down). *scrolls down* NOW DO IT!"

Hope you enjoy the group and welcome!
DaringTheDawn DaringTheDawn
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 19, 2013

I am doing the give a toy quest.

Good luck to you!