Back when I was in school, I was always having flings, I never kept anyone person for more than a week. I got bored to easy. Now 5 years later, I want that again.
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I can relate. I work in the service industry and meet new women, I get invitations to come over and have fun but I have this ring on my finger now, a solid relationship for over two years now and I cannot risk messing it up. There's this one redhead with giant freckled breasts that brings me home cooking and is totally sending messages. Id like to have a look at those beauties but perhaps I will just fantasize about it, and have that tingly feeling. It's easy for anyone to mess up a good thing with a fling and it would dismantle other parts of my life and goals. I'll just take it as a compliment I suppose. She wants me to come swimming and have some fun but I am afraid once I see the giant breasts in a swimming suit it will be all over, as I am pretty weak for them. Still considering the swim date, but only if there are other friends around to keep me from misbehaving ! Hugs!

dont you find when its really good its such an adrenelin rush,, nothing better,, come to montana or colorado,,im ready

yah, same here. I never had long-term-serious-relationship. maybe because I am scared or something must have stopped me to move into the next level which is commitment. Like you, I want real this time. Not just date some random guys and get involve just for the heck of it.

I didn't do that in high school. I was one of those "always in a relationship" type person. So through high school I was with the same person, but now after my last 5 year relationship... I think I should just give the whole dating/playing thing a try... seems like what everyones been recommending.