Isn't a kiss a wonderful trick by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous?

It's been almost a year since I was kissed by the man who betrayed me in the worst conceivable way. I have yet to kiss another man since October last year.

These days we dispense our kisses too frequently and dispassionately; We conform to dating etiquette too fervently and have taken the "try before you buy" phenomenon to new heights or lows.

Last night I had an aparition where I was held in an embrace and kissed by a man whose face I couldn't descern, it was disparate to any kiss I exchanged fierce and tender at the same time.

Since awakening I have been yearning for a kiss that transcends all the beauty of nature and dissipates all my inhibitions..but where may I find such a gentleman? surely not in clubs or bars... perhaps he only exists in my rare aparition.

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it seems in general people are all too eager to give away their kisses, to 'test drive', etc. i believe the kiss you speak of happens one of two ways. #1 by kissing someone who is truly talented in this area (usually a philandering, controlling, idiot) or by #2 being in love with someone, knowing your love is reciprocated fully and having amazing communication in that you are able to tell them what you like and don't like and they are able to tell you the same. with #2 you are able to practice and develop your own brand of kissing together. THIS is truly special!

a kiss that is tender and fierce at the same time...yes, exactly. One that restrains the passion with luxuruaint control...that would be a nice kiss, wouldn't it.

You have an incredible way with words, a method of expressing yourself that not only speaks of an ability to write, but also a vivid and deep imagination. <br />
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Rock on, Nymph . . . I expect great things will come to you in the years ahead . . .<br />
<br />
. . . sturmbringener . . .

I don't care what state of mind I "was" in as long as I wear a stupid grin afterwards! =} OOOO! And I HATE for a guy to ASK first if he can kiss me! Mood Killer! Just do it! Then I'll let you know if there will be a second kiss!;)

A young lady of your high caliber will not find a man like this easily. However, when you do meet him, you'll have one great gentlemen!

I think I know the one you mean, the one that knocks you into the middle of next week. Has to do mostly with your state of mind right before it lands, don't you think?

You brilliantly covered the "kiss" many of us long for, yet fall short of obtaining. ( afterthought: and perhaps short of delivering! ;p).