True Love.. At 12 Years Old..

middle school I hated it but then I met him the most perfect guy at school we were good friends he loved to make me laugh but one day it all changed! we were in our 7th year of school I asked him to help me on a math problem so he started explaining what to do it did help, when I looked up to say" thank you" he kissed me! He ran his fingers threw my hair till we pulled away my face was as red as a rose then it surprised me when he said " I'm sorry I've been wanting to kiss you since 6th grade. When I met you it was love at first sight." We were both red as a rose but when my skin started turning back to its original Mexican brown he actually pulled out 12 flowers and said I'll love you till the last one dies.. I knew what he did 11 real 1 fake. it was the best day of my life! we've been together for 5 years now..
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Jan 23, 2013