My Interest In Realdolls

I first heard about Realdolls a year or two ago, I believe. I can't remember exactly how I got onto the subject in the first place - I assume it was one of my late night net surfing sprees; one tangent lead to another, and soon I found myself on Realdoll's website.

At that time, Realdoll didn't have many (or any?) options for male realdolls, which I found disappointing. I have no interest in the female dolls (either sexually or for companionship), but since I was intrigued I browsed through the site anyway. The amount of customization that goes into the dolls and the workmanship involved had me fascinated right away. I made a mental note to not forget about this concept, and hoped that the company would keep its promise to come out with male versions.

Sure enough, they did. I checked the site one night a few weeks ago on a whim. Three face options for the male realdolls and two body types!

If I could get one, I think I would pick the male body type B, Nate, fair skin, blue eyes, medium, shaven, and black hair.

After all this time, the idea of owning a Realdoll appeals to me, but its hard to describe exactly why. Hard orĀ embarrassing, I'm not sure... probably both. I have never told anyone about this desire since there is nobody in my life I feel like I can share this sort of thing with.

Two things keep me from getting one: The cost, and my living situation. I'm a recent graduate and currently unemployed, so money is tight. I don't live alone and I have zero desire to let the people I live with know I want or have a Realdoll. I would have no place to hide it, and no sure-fire way of preventing others from seeing it be delivered.

Its on my list of things to get once I move into my own place and can afford it. Until then, all I can do is want. A few times a week (maybe 2-3), I spend some time at night Googling the subject of Realdolls (and dolls from similar manufacturers like Sinthetics). Sometimes I look for customer reviews and stories from other owners, sometimes I check out the companies' websites and think about what I would order if I could get one right then, and other times I just look at pictures.

In all honesty, what appeals to me so much is the idea that I could feel less lonely. I am single and have been for most of my adult life / "dating" life. I have only ever had one relationship, which was abusive and was terrible for me. I find it hard to talk to other people, and even harder to let them know I'm interested. People just don't make any sense to me, and it seems beyond me how people get from point A (initial attraction/interest) to point B (dating).

If I had a Realdoll (or something similar from another company), it would be primarily for a sense of companionship. It would be something (someone) to sit next to while I watch a movie, and something to cuddle with at night. A pillow can only go so far, after all. It would also be nice to have a human(like) face to come home to at the end of the day - and one that isn't nagging or complaining. I won't deny that I will probably get some sexual use out of the doll too, eventually.

So, until my situation changes, all I can do is think about it. :(

TheRaven16 TheRaven16
26-30, M
Jan 14, 2013