Where Is He?

I so badly want a man to love me for life. I want a man who is so in love with me he cant keep his hands off of me.A man who cant get enough of me and has to have me always. And I want to love him back.Like a woman is supposed to love a man.But all this seems like an impossible dream because of the kind of girl I am.But a girl can dream.
Brandigirl1000 Brandigirl1000
36-40, T
4 Responses Dec 2, 2012

Your dreams fill my head with dreams. It helps us look past our own and others failings that confront us as familiarity sets in. I love the thought of being with someone like you. You are such a great turn on!

Awww I feel like you wrote it as if you were me :)

It sounds trite, but my best relationships (sadly no permanent one yet) have come from places I wasn't looking. While I was chasing the most exciting prospects, someone I'd known for a while would creep into my field of vision, we'd realize how much we really *got* each other, and decide to take it to the next level. 2 great relationships, both of which ended because one of us needed to move out of state, and the other wasn't read. Oh well - onward we go!

yes, its true sweety a girl can dream.. your beautiful and still young..be patient it will happen..im nervus because of my age..but i still keep hope to find a good person..female or male that will want to be a part of me for the the rest of my life..