A Struggle To Reconcile

Yes I do want a relationship that will last but the problem that remains is that when you take relationships as such a critical part of your identity as I do, when a breakup happens - it is almost like losing yourself in the process. This almost inclines one to a level of polyarmorous nature. Not born of a desire to want to be able to get with many people but rather simple as a need to ensure that the ending of a relationship will not leave just shattered parts of you all over the place for general pickup. I am not saying this could not change but it would take someone with great patience, someone with great fortitude and intuition to be able to calm this wild, feral stallion to the point where despite having a saddle and rider, it knows it is still very much a free wild spirit. Because I have never had a relationship that has lasted, it may take a while for the concept that you are not going anywhere to really settle in due to the fact that plenty of people have sworn the same only to walk out moments later. I believe I am a prize, a treasure for the right woman and vice versa but there will be alot of labor to get to paradise. Right or wrong, this is me.

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Mar 7, 2010