I Want A Revolution

i want a revolution.

an end to the devolution of the human mind, as we place deemphasis creative solutions and think less and less for ones self.

to expand our consciousness to unknown levels because we accept it as a possibility.

a new society built around compassion and awareness.

resilient and resourceful.

allowing the fullest expression of the human spirit.

an end to blind faith, blind consumerism, blind awareness.

the emergence of direct experience trumping hypothetical intellectual creations which govern thoughts and actions.

an end to hierarchy.

a new economic system, where the sole motivation is not to capitalize on the loss of others.

a way to equally distribute wealth relative to the necessity.

a way to live at peace with oneself, with others, with the planet.

an end to wars based on collective ego, of economic greed, of securing resources in a grand game of geopolitical chess to the detriment of many and the benefit of a few.

an end to the necessity of writing things such as this.

i want a revolution.

and no blood shall be shed

i want a revolution of understanding, where we realize our thoughts and mindset, ultimately affect the reality we experience directly.

violence will not work

fear may paralyze

sink or swim

we need a revolution

and no one will believe me, you, or us until they realize and see it themselves

there is no such thing as a leader

only those who do not realize they are in control, and submit to the authority of others.

we are all equals.

the potential within each of us is infinite.

hierarchy is a conditioned belief, awareness the great equalizer.

blaze your own trail

find your own way

make what you desire manifest

do not worry what others think.

i want a revolution

we need a revolution

if not now, then when?



[of course there is a myriad of other things that need addressing, post them yourself : )]



zousu zousu
18-21, M
Feb 15, 2010