Why Not?

I lost my first wife to cancer. It would have been nice to have had someone else to help share the grief and not be so damn lonely and had loved her slso. It would be better if something happened to me and my wife had someone for her that loved me also. It would be good for my wife to have a close friend to confide in and share women things together while we still have life. Death is so real and it hurts so bad for the survivor. We laugh a lot and plan to keep it up. I'm full of humor and so is she. Death would leave such an empty hole without a real second companion to share the grief that follows. I would love for my wife to have a close female friend that loved me also. So, that's my feelings.

We pray, keep spiritual, and hope to share the after life together.

No cheating, no games, no tricks, just real in this life. Truth, honesty, and reaching out is important.

However, I am not completely sure God would approve. Without that It would be a no go for me. I think obeying God takes precedents over my own desires.

Any support or ideas or beliefs in this area that is sound and conscious free, please adivise and share.

akmceeal akmceeal
66-70, M
Dec 9, 2012