I Want Several Secret Lovers!

I don't think any one man can meet all my physical and emotional needs...but why not two (or three)? My man works hard and is often too tired to give me what I need.

I fantasize about clandestine quickies. Meet me in the church parking lot while I'm walking my dog at night and give it to me from behind over the hood of your car. Meet me in the mangroves during the day for a toke and poke. Maybe I come blow you on your lunch break. No strings attached, and we both get what we need.

And honestly, sneaking just makes it even hotter.
CreampieCutie CreampieCutie
36-40, F
4 Responses Dec 11, 2012

Like my wife.

Could you add me please? :)

That's exactly how I feel. That "secret" element is sooooooo damn hot. But sometimes, quickies aren't enough. I want to flood my senses with that kind of lust for an hour or three.

I'm looking for a secret lover too =)