I Want A Secret Lover, But...

After being faithfully married for 20 years, I find myself wanting to sleep with another man. Although, I am in a good relationship, it has it's issues as most do, I can't stop fantasizing about Eric. I actually have great sex with my husband sometimes twice a day, but I try to imagine it's with Eric. He's just different. My husband is good looking, takes care of himself etc. But I am having a sexual peak and want sex all the time. When I kiss my husband a close my eyes and think about Eric's face, is this weird? My husband is very excited about my sexuality, but why do I have this fantasy? I think about Eric day and night, I have even reached out to him as if he could not tell with my obvious flirting, which he has reciprocated on many occasions. One close encounter with Eric he prevented it saying that I am married, yes I am, although he sleeps around, a lot...so it is hard for me to respect his principles. This has been plaguing me for over 9 months. I try to put him out of my mind, but after 24 hours, then I get sad and have to start all over again. Right now, as I write, I am plotting the next time I go see him at his work, he is a bartender, so it's easy to pop in. Sigh, if I could only have a one night stand it would maybe get it out of my system.
sally7 sally7
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1 Response Jan 21, 2013

I think after 20 years of being with only one man, it is quite normal to want to broaden your experiences, no matter how good a lover your husband is.