Cross Over!

I too want a sex change!
I really do want real breasts and lose the penis at it's just redundant! (apart from peeing!)

Only yesterday, I saw my neice in a sassy electric blue bandage dress and I really desired to be the one wearing it.
Although I have several myself in other colours, it really did fit here nicely and I was SO envious of her pouring her body into it!

So, my penis is not needed really! I'm still a virgin and intend to be so but when dressing up in girly attire it just get in the darned way!
I really need breasts too, sticking fake ones on my chest is a) silly and b) annoying, I want the real things but can men grow a decent pair? ...and if so, how? ...Even more concerning, can you hide them so other's don't get to see what is your special secret?

If going the who 'gender change' route, do you have to loose all your friends because 'Dan' has become 'Danielle'?

I do wish I had been born of the feminine line, it's so boring being male!

I'm seriously considering visiting a shrink to see what he/she thinks!
nickydesired nickydesired
41-45, M
Jul 25, 2010