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Hi All ,    I guess I inda have aquestion . Should anyone have or would be willing to provide any insight  , it would be greatly appreciated . As you know I had my first mamogram recentely ( no results yet ) and the thing is , is that I did not think that I had developed enough for that let alone a bra . Which brings me to my question . If I have enough for a Dr. to feel I should have a mamogram should I be wearing a bra at this time ? Kinda sounds to me like an odd question . But when I look in the mirror , to me I do not look like I actualy need to wear one at this time though I could be wrong . So in any case there is my question .Answers and or advice anyone ?

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yes i have always wanted to have an sex change to since i was in my very early teens in my school years i really fancied this boy in my class room he was so so hansom and his name was mark alight and he lived on a farm not fair from Hartley Whitney i do not think no one ever know that i fancied mark alight but i did and at play times between class i never played boy games i would always play girls games like hop scotch and skipping and handstands and cartwheels and so on and i got bulled a lot at school because of this. when i was old enough and had enough courage to see a doctor to tail them that i really really want to have an sex change on me so that i could live my life happily as a girl for ever after, i then went on to see lots more doctors to tail them that i really really want to have an sex change on me so that i could live my life happily as a girl for ever after, they then said that i have got gender id problems of being in the wrong sex id meaning that i fault like i was really a girl but looked like a boy, i then went on seeing more doctors at a gender id clinic in London for testes so that they could give me the right strength hormone tablets to change the shape of my body and to stop all my heir growing on my body and to make me start growing my breasts, all was going so well for 2 to 3 years still taking all the hormones they could me, until i had to a pair in court on several occasions and i missed 2 doctors appointments i did ring the gender id clinic that i could not make it to the appointments because i had to a pair in the court on those days, but they did dot take that in to consideration and stooped giving me my hormone tables because i had missed 2 doctors appointments which i fault it was very unfair of them by doing that because after all i did tail them i could not make the appointments and a very good reasons why i could not make it to the appointments but they would bot lesson to me so i was foisted to carry on taking my hormone tablets by ordering the hormone tablets from the internet sits and casting me a lot of money in doing so, my breasts are quite diverted now and growing and getting bigger all the time witch i am very glad to say and filing more like a girl every and wearing all the girls cloths i like the look of them and i wear nothing else but girls cloths now and i fail happy and comfortable of wearing girls clothing but i still find it hard to get the right sized girls cloths at fit me and happy in doing so of wearing the girls as much as i can to fail as much like a girl as pozaball. and now i am at the point where i just wont to have my sex changed so i can fail even more like a girl and even more happier with my life of being a girl that i have always wonted cents my very early teens, that i am failing so so very very desperate about having my sex changed that i would do anything and every thing positional of having my sex changed because i am so so very very desperate of getting it done to me, even if i had get lone to doing so and having large det to pay off back because i do not have the money to pay for my sex change. can any one help me and give advice on how i can go about having my sex changed because i am desperate of getting it done and over with once and all making hole fully like a girl as poser-bull with lots of love and kindness, my boys name was Tony Kester and my girls name is Veronica Castal XxXxXxXx i hope i will here from some of you very soon.

If you have enough to jiggle around, then a bra would be advisable as it puts stress on certain ligaments.

I've not started my hormone therapy, soon hopefully. but when i get dressed i always wear a bra. it helps me feel more femmin. regardless of size it really comes down to you. Find a few that fit and makes you feel sexy, and wear them for a while. you'll have your answer. good luck though.

Noo , yourHonor I meant if she felt in her mind and heart that I had enough there to meet the requirement to warrent haveing a mamogram .I don't actualy have a problem with a DR. checking and making sure everything is fine .I mean thats their job , right ? So I'm ok with that though it is new and will take getting used to . But thats just part of the experiance and life of a female is to be checked by DRs appropiately that is . ;-) <br />
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