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well what can I say I am a female trapped in a mans boddy. I started out with the makeup thing then I started to get in to the crossdressing. Then i woke up at a young age I thout to my self my life is not right somethiong is missing. Then i realized that i should have been a woman. I site here alone because I dont know what people thank about me or other people that are like so I am scarred to go out like I want to. Does any body out there feel like me. If so please contact me.

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I am a man. I do not want a sex change. Then why I am I here? I like my male life when it comes to public life and social life. I do not want to have sex with a man. I want to have sex only with a genetic female. Now comes the difference. Within the bed room, I want to be the woman. I love to dress and act as the woman. I love to be taken like a female. I want to dress as a complete woman and behave like the female partner in the intimate relationship. I want to be the passive and submissive partner, wearing all feminine clothes and make-up, including fake breasts and all accessories. My GG partner should dress as a man, with chest binder, moustache etc. and stay on top of me during love-making. I will imagine that I am the woman and she is the man....... it is good enjoyment.

Im 18 and want and need a sex change because i was born a girl but trapped in a boys body

Good Luck Shannon, i hope you fulfill your dreams. I too want to become a woman and I want to start very soon. Peppers, if you really wanna become a woman, try and get a hold of hormones as soon as possible, if you start taking them now, by the time your 18-19, you'll look like a born woman, and what better present when your 18 to have your penis cut off and made into a vagina

I'll love a sex change and with modern tec i can have both breasts and vagina even thou i won't be able to experience wat women experience like pregnancy but at least i'll look and feel a woman

i want a sex change to where i can be completly female, i would love the feeling to get a period, or get pregnent, but technology isnt there yet so I will just crossdress...

i may only be 14 (almost 15) but i am seriosuly contemplating that when i'm older i want a sex change i crossdress at the moment (look at my story that i wrote :D) if i could choose at birth i would have rather been a girl. but i guess i'd rather be a Man who became a girl coz then you dont go through the pains of childbirth and you dont have periods and stuff and i guess thats what i'd like but (lol i'm ramblin on) i'd only have a sex change if they could make me look basically exactly how i'd want to look