Wanting to Be a Girl

Yes i too would really just love to chnage my sex but not like it is now  i want to just change instatlly and ot have to go through all of this slow sex change process it is way to slow and cost way to much there has to be a real way just to become a girl right away no wating for years  to become who and what you really are  this is the way it would have to be for me i do not want to wait any longer i just want to change into a girl right now  and be done with it no thinking nay longer becase i know what i really do want and that is toi be a girl!

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Yes my dream 2 be girl is start now, Now a days Dr. give me Estrogen and other tablet 2 increase feminize in me. Now i started 2 stay as girl ( wear female dress nd do make up, learn cooking and house care etc. ). I feel so good as now i will be transformed in girl. Though SRS is costly but help 2 be what ur. My Breast Implement is over and now i have 34 DD Breast size, My face Feminize surgery is also over nd look so beautiful girl . I thanx my family and friend who motivated and help 2 be girl. My unwanted part of male will be removed in Dec 2014 by SRS and i will be 100 % female. I am so happy. My boy friend will marry me in 1015.
Yes i love 2 be house wife. Now i proud 2 be girl.
Before transforming my self i have many discussion with Dr. . Dr, said me all pron and corn 2 be girl. But i passed all stages and be ready 2 be girl by SRS.
Due female horman in me i have attraction for boys. oh i love 2 take all beauty treatment. i taken lessor hair removal for removing unwanted hair from body so i look so silky.
u can ask me anything for this. i love 2 help my female community.

ur Conny

I don't know if this will help you know but i heard that they are starting to do FREE sex changes in San Francisco. I know because i to want to get a sex change but i am currently to young so i have been looking up all the information i can about the subject.

I to have the same fellings and yes it is a shame that it is not possiable i want it so bad that i am willing to comitting suicide to try to getwhat i desspratly need

I totally agree I wish I could just go and get it done right away,ive never been so sure about anything all my life. If its something you know you want to do why should you have to go thru years of crap first

Hello Traci;<br />
I can only imagine your dreams and wishes are not becomming a reality for you...I can only suggest that you start to do more research on the net regarding SRS and also use You Tube ...re:transgender videos and try and get all the info you can even getting into Laurasplayground .com and Transgendercare.com to list a couple...If your town cannot help and why should they as this is still a tabu area to many a smal town that will never understand...plan on looking into an area where your life will be better for you..Easiar said than done make it a point to just pack it up and go where you do fit in...In the states,there is no excuse because there is always something or someone to help...I live out of the states and its not easy...If you are a veteran of the services then check in with the V.A. as they have a program or check in with various surgeons who provide this type of surgery and there is other sources outside the U.S....I know you can find something but for me that dosen't answer what is the term ''Walk In's'' someone let me know and if I can be of further help,ship me a note....Eryn.

To:Gadget 2000.....Sorry but I'm in the dark as to '' What is your definition of a walk in ''??...Yeah,I know it would be hell going thru life being a tranny and not being able to handle it...Your RSVP woudl be greatly appreciated ...Thanx Eryn......

I'm glad that EP sends me updates as I would not have known I had anything to reply to..So being out of the communication circle I'd like to know what you describe as ( walk in's ???)...Sorry that's a new term I'm not familiar with and I do understand where it would be hell being a tranny if one didn't handle the issues properly...I hate ridicule and being made fun of....RSVP.....Eryn.......

I'm glad that EP sends me updates as I would not have known I had anything to reply to..So being out of the communication circle I'd like to know what you describe as ( walk in's ???)...Sorry that's a new term I'm not familiar with and I do understand where it would be hell being a tranny if one didn't handle the issues properly...I hate ridicule and being made fun of....RSVP.....Eryn.......

Do some reaserch on "Walk ins". A way better solution that going through hell of being a tranny!

I'm very late to answer this post I made last year all because I don't visit EP a much as I should but now to let you know I will be entering my 6th month on HRT and need to work on that 1rst befor thinking about men or other women although I'm in a straight relationship..I do everything borferline so as not to attract attention so its all up to the individual on how far to take your own personal situation and what makes you happy...If anyone cares to reply,I'll make sure I will be there to answer......Good Luck..........

Me too I like to become a girl<br />
But I don't know wat to do<br />
I like to wear every day stocking and short sexy skirt and high hels<br />
And when I'm in my room I have too much sexy langri<br />
I'm wearing it. But if I'm in work I'm like a man<br />
When i reach my home I feel I'm a girl and start wearning the dress and stocking and skirt<br />
I like to put some make up and lipstick and eye shadow<br />
I fell I'm a girl but I don't know wat to do tooo

Me too

sme here

Since I've posted my last comments I've done more and more research as to what causes some of us males or a larger percentage of us to even consider being what we are not born with..Of course if you are younger you can easily go on a hormone therapy regime that will eventually alter you physically and then the mental /emotional issues come with it not only on a personal level but a social level.<br />
It is something that humans can't reverse entirely but can come close by using hormones and going thru reconstructive surgery re:SRS as commonly known or just being yourself and living in a feminine fantasy world like many men do..They can buy all the fem clothes they can afford with all the extras that go along with it but once dressed and made up in female attire and photographed many still come out looking like Neanderthals dressed in Drag where there is no way to get around it,but as long as they are happy...it doesn't hurt anyone.!!<br />
Age is another issue where I believe when older over 60's some biological women start losing their feminity along with their natural hormonal reserves then start appearing masculine and it has been at this time when I've found more older men being able to pass something like Mrs.Doubt Fire but not in all cases.<br />
There are many young boys who shouldn't have been born male in the first place and befor puberty it has been reported that that is the best time to make the change or when a young male is in his teens as the older you get it is more difficult from a physical and mental state to deal with your needs and wanting to become a girl just isn't good enough...it's just alot of work in all areas..<br />
Hormone therapy is the most common but can be very dangerous to some who self med because they can't get approval from their local M.D..One must do the research and know what is ahead befor making the final choice because once you start changing your body to reverse those changes may become not only difficult but financially impossible.....If you really want to become a girl then do what it takes to become one but know one thing...us biolgical males cannot have the physical wiring systems women have installed since they don't come ready packaged from your local parts store and then where is the female spirit which makes you female and when you can find answers to those issues then you may be on your way but it will never be 100% as how you were born unless you possess the body of both sexes as in some cases you'll just need to be satisfied with what you have to work with and yes once again it would be nice to have that Magic wand...This post also pertains to females who wish to become male which is more difficult but it is possible like anything else so search your mind,do the homework and then make your decison.Will you be able to handle it for the rest of your life...This is from my own perspective and make sure you know where you are going to land befro jumping off the cliff so to speak but there is so much more to the word want as it always leaves me with more questions.!!!! hope this helps...

i want to become a girl to

Yes I too have my magic wand theory as to wake up a young beautiful sexually loaded women with out all the waiting but thats not real.I happen to agree with Louise all though not introduced to either one of you...I am having problems with being male and in a straight marriage...I'm into men or a man and would just love to be feminine all the time.I just wish I was younger so there has to be a balance somewhere....Girls are friends now and a guy would be my choice....I'm a regular when I have the time on EP but do fullfill your dreams I'm working on it and so can you...I'm always open to chat hope to hear from both of you..good luck...

yes i know jsut what you mean becasue when i have been able to dress like a girl i do feel so much better lie a real true nature takes me over and i am a girl and can forget all of this male crap at least fo awhile and when circumstaces would allow me to then yes i would love to be in a place where i to could be a girl all of the time but where i am living right now it is not an option to do this all of the time pity realy becasue i make a much better girl then a guy Ah well like so mnay others of us i must bide my time and hope some day i can get where i can be who whta nad how i am meant to be a girl and then well i will take it and well just you wait!

Then become a girl starting today in your life.<br />
Dress like a girl, wear makeup, nylons, heels and everything else. Be a girl as much as you can in a man's body.<br />
Do you love men sexually?<br />
I am a cross dressing man and I love men more than anything else in life. I feel like a girl, I love like a girl, I think like a girl etc.<br />
If you can do all this first, and you can, then you will know what comes next.<br />
Just a CD thought<br />