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i never had a sexual massage per sei although the woman i go to does get into it around my butt area. She massages me until im jello of course, but i look forward to the butt massage because she really borderlines what maybe a sexual massage. Anyway i like it and if a sexual or sensual massage is into another level i would love to try it. i like a massage now so anything better would be a bonus.
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I have an asian woman whom I lust after that does bodywork for me... wish it would go extreme!

may i put my hand up amongst the crowd too?

I sure would love to accommodate you, I start out at your feet and work my way all around your body.......the feet can be so sexually stimulating when rubbed

come here give you one.massage and a nice s.x package free..ha ha

I have given many a good massage and one girl had an ****** and scared me I wasn't even trying to get her excited

I will give you a sensual one! I get one from time to time where the therapist comes really close to my genital area ... between my legs and the inner thighs ... I would get so hard ... it is often that the therapist would grab my erected pole and stroking it. Needless to say, it was a happy ending.

So please keep us posted. Please add me so I could follow you stories. :-)

It's always my goal when I am permitted to put my hands on a woman to make her crave my touch on her erogenous zones, and eventually inside her. Then the real fun begins. :D

Try it with a male massager

I like sexual massage too... have a look at my profile and read my stories about sexual and erotic massage....
would you add me please??

I would love to help you with that. I give a very nice sensual massage.

I love giving a woman a massage especially if it's not expected to be sexual or unknown if it would be sexual. that's where the sexual tension comes in, the exploring, getting close and reading the signs to go further or's great foreplay!

Even I like sensual massage, it's a love deep touch. I do massage my friends as what you liked .

I love it when my ladies are completely hairless, although being nicely trimmed can be erotic as well.

Would you be into getting a massage from a guy?


that is sure

Um, what about... giving a massage to a guy?? ;-)

i could maybe it would be fun but im kinda short so not sure how that would be you would have to be on the floor or maybe ahhhhhhh a bed?

Sure, a bed would be great :-D

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If you like to see if she would cross the border. when she gets to your butt area start moaning slightly and moving your hips to her hands. she might slip a finger in you by accident if you keep moving your hips. worked for me ;)

A massage is the most sensual thing there is... I love to be massaged naked...

I hope that you would certainly have gotten one by now! They are the greatest !!!

I know a great girl who comes to my place and gives me a naked massage. Always feel so relaxed afterwards from the combination of massage and a great ****** or two!

i hear ya there...

I love it when the therapist touches the nerve endings near my butt too. One reason I choose to get a wax is so my crack is cleaner during massages. I think she appreciates better hygene.

When I was 3, the older kids in my family told me the younger ones give massages. What did I know, so I started. By the time I was 6 I had developed "healing hands". It is an experience hard to describe, because my hands did not feel like they were my hands per se, but had almost a life of their own.<br />
<br />
By the time I was a teenager, many of my parents friends would pay for massages. One trophy wife of a man with a heart condition and therefore ed took me under her wing and taught me how to subtly test the waters, sliding from a sensual therapeutic massage to and sensual sexual one.<br />
<br />
I learned women in their 30s and 40s were both highly sexual and frustrated. I also discovered it was a wonderful way to slowly undress young women of my own age.<br />
<br />
Of course I make sure a woman is fully relaxed, before I switch techniques to an excite-arouse method and then working both butt and upper legs, with some 'incidental bumping' cause a woman to become enflamed and signal her desire for more by opening her legs and arching her back.<br />
<br />
Whether I use only hands, or add mouth or give her a deep thrusting massage all depends on the circumstances of the moment. But being of service to women in this manner is to be a joy, an honor and I find I always end up with more energy than when I started.

I give a great full body massage that is very sensual and sexual. If you have 90-120 for the full massage, I'll guarantee you'll have several ******* during it.

all day is better than one hour<br />

It is the best! Where are you from?

i have been told that i give a very good sexual<br />
i start at the shoulders and massage them first then move to the back from there i will massage the legs all the way to the toes and back up on both legs then i move to the butt cheeks massage each one starting at the top moving down between the cheek and thigh just missing the outer lipps and back up moving to the other one and doing the same i then massage around the butt crack and run my thumb between the cheeks and very gently massage the butt hole <br />
i would have you roll over and i start a you neck and work my way down and around the breast but not touching the breast it self i would then massage the tummy and work my way back up to the breast then massage the breast and nipples when i finish with the breast i then start on your legs one at a time doing each toe and work my V afer all that i would slowly massage just above you ***** and slowly move down to your ***** and massaging it very slow stopping to play with your **** and inner lips back to the **** until you *** never putting anything inside you <br />
<br />
<br />
hope you like<br />
would like to be a friend<br />

They are my specialty. :)

My wife is asian and she lives for massages...

I was stationed in Korea some years ago and back then they had massage parlors inside the camps. We used to call them "steam and creams" because the girls would get you off for a $5 tip. The massage was very cheap . . . about $10. <br />
<br />
My job in Korea was to perform health inspections. Everything from mess halls to bars on and off the camp had to be inspected once a month, including the massage parlors. What a terrible job that was.

ai have a link that is what most would say is the most sensual and erotic massage ever !!,let me know if your interrested..

I certainly wish I could help you out, I am told I'm very good ai it!!

I've had therapists (that's what they called themselves) give me a massage followed by a happy ending several times. Only once did the girl allow me to massage her. She offers a mobile massage service and comes to hotels. She had massaged me two times before and became comfortable with me. I asked her if she enjoyed receiving massages and she said yes but she rarely got them since she was not in a relationship. When I offered she gladly accepted. I was shocked when she ******** naked and layed down on the towel on my bed. Since I'm a horny guy, I wanted to see what her limits were. As the massage progressed I allowed my fingers to wander. She never stopped me. Before long I had two fingers inside her. She had one of the most intense ******* I've ever seen. I haven't been back to that city since, but look forward to my next appointment.

sound like something to look forward to

An E P friend had a sexual massage and she loved it and said she would try it again it's called yoni massage this maybe more than you are after have a look at this web site ?<br />
<br /><br />
<br />
I hope it helps you out .

What would you like the masseusse to do?

I've only had one massage, it was by a physical therapist. She was good at loosing up my sore muscles but I wouldn't call it sexual in any way. <br />
<br />
For a more sexual massage, I think I would prefer an man.

Where i'm from massaging the butt is not sexual but is considered part of a sensual massage. Now if the hand was to go too close to the p u s s y that is another story.