The Ever So Elusive, True Love And Commitment; In Today's Society.

Love is defined as to; Delight in, admire, greatly cherish. Commitment is defined as, " Process or instance of committing oneself, dedication" These words and meaning, never change. Then why is it so hard to have and hold on to forever?. We all say that "trust is important" But nobody wants to trust the other. When i got married, she was twenty one and I thirty two. Both completed school. We had long conversation on what we both wanted and needed in this commitment. After the vows, She had a brain fart and lost those conversation from her memory banks. Needless to say it failed. I'm now fourty  three and every women i got involved with, I began with these words; I won't lie to you, or cheat on you or betray you in any way, I wish to be treated in the same way. Sooner or later the relationship ends because someone can't be honest. None of us are perfect nor can any of us expect perfection. We all come in to new relationships with some form of baggage. So why do we spend so much energy trying to change the other person, Instead of building up what attracted you to that person. We all want that one true loving commitment. Let's hear some idea's and maybe help each and everyone of us find that; Ever so elusive, True love.

darkrayne darkrayne
1 Response Feb 17, 2010

Finding true love and making a commitment can be hard sometimes, just because people who claim to want all those things are the first to back out. When you offer all the things they seem to be looking for it's still not good enough. So many say they will accept you for who you are, but later when things are not as they want them to be they use those same things against you. I always go into a relationship saying communication, honesty, being faithful and trustworthy is a must. The first thing they usually break is the communication, because when something is wrong they can never say that. I try and learn from my mistakes in past relationships but there is always a new problem. I have learned when you try and change thinking it will make things better, sometimes it just makes the situation worse. I have to be who I am and not what anyone else wants me to be, because it only ends up making me unhappy.