Our Friend

My husband met a woman a few years ago and we have all become friends. Our children attend the same schools and that is how my husband met her. We went out last night and she is a wonderful woman that is plagued with sadness in her heart. You see her husband was involved in a bad accident and it changed the man he is completely. When they are out he treats her with kindness and respect, but behind closed doors he is emotionally abusive to her. She wants to leave her husband but she feels it is not the right thing to do. She is going in a downward spiral and it isn't getting any easier for her. She absolutely loves her husband, well the idea of her husband still. She needs to leave him and start her life over with her three girls. It is the only way to ensure the full safety of her and her children. My husband and I are in the process of trying to find our first sisterwife and our friend would be a perfect candidate. It is just so complicated. Our lives are so up and down all the time. It is hard to plan for the future when there are so many factors involved. Hope everyone has a blessed day and you only have one chance at this life so you need follow your heart!
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Go ahead, if you all work it out and be considerate, I find no reason for it to be a failure.