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So, here's how it went down. My girlfriend of 2 years revealed to me very early in the relationship how she had a submissive streak. She gave me a copy of "The Story of O" and asked me to read it. Oftentimes, I would come to her house and see only candles burning and when I'd go to the bedroom, she'd be laying there waiting for me having literally tied her own self up. Being very inexperienced I guess I didn't really see what I had so I kind of hemmed and hawed in really picking up the baton and running with it. Eventually her enthusiasm waned and it pretty much died down. Thing is, you don't miss something until it's gone so from time to time I'd clumsily try to rekindle that particular magic and she'd go for it some but never really put her heart into it. She'd get bitchy because I wasn't "doing it right" and it would shrivel on the vine.

Let me also mention that, ironically, my girl is very dominant in public. And as time wore on, she got bossier and bossier towards me. Basically, my power in the relationship was getting lesser and lesser and hers was growing. In the last 6 months it seems like all I ever thought about was doing what she wants.

It really started coming to a head in the last couple of months and I got into some deep thought over the issue. I thought about her submission thing and got kind of an epiphany when it hit me that she isn't submissive at all. The girl is dominant. Her game is to play the sub but really be pulling all the strings of her "dominant" puppet as her fantasy plays out. If I wrote the book, the details would bear this out but suffice to say, it's true. All fine and good but, first of all, if that were the case she should have just come out with it in the beginning. It would have been a fun game and I would almost certainly have went along. But she didn't. The second and more fundamental issue is, I'm nobody's sub. At least not for long after I figure out what's happening.

I stewed on this new-found revelation while the relationship just steadily got worse. She was ordering me around almost casually like I was her kid or something. When I'd snuggle up against her in bed, she'd always be "hot" and if I palmed her *** or held her boob while sleeping, I was as likely to get brushed off as anything else. And the constant smart-*** mouth, patronizing facial expressions, blank stares, ignoring me until I asked questions twice, and incessant bitching were bringing me to a boil like nothing before. It was maddening. How had my "sub" twisted me into this shell of a boyfriend obsessing over her every nuance wondering whether I'd made her mad or not.

I was perplexed as to how to turn it around so I figured I'd try to win her over one last time. I took her to the beach (Florida), dined her, played the chivalrous role, indulged her in her second-hand store addiction, and so on. It was flat exhausting and ridiculously time consuming. Like working a second job. Don't get me wrong, I like doing stuff for the woman I love, and it did improve things some, but I'd have to be independently wealthy and retired to sustain this kind of commitment. As my energy waned, her habits resumed with a renewed vengeance. Imagine everything above times 3. At the end of my rope and considering just cutting loose, here's what happened 3 days ago.

Sunday night, I was at my office sleeping and suffering a massive headache. It was so bad I couldn't even see straight. Wherewithal to argue was on negative empty. I had messaged her earlier and received no reply so I sent the final one with the usual goodnight, telling her how much I loved her, and she must be sleeping so sweet dreams, then sat the phone down. A bit later she texts me back with some smart comment about how she wasn't near her phone and didn't know I was texting. I was still awake so I sent a quick reply, "Awesome! I knew it. Night." I mean, just trying to be cool about her ignoring me and just letting it go. Of course, that isn't good enough so she starts. I spare you the details but she still hadn't sent any kind of a sign-off so I kept replying as, heaven forbid, I ignore her need to tell how much of a piece of crap I am. What happens for the next hour and a half as I am suffering the Headache of Legend is the most toxic stream of verbal venom I have ever been assaulted with in my life. Message after message on how I haven't treated her how she deserves, break all my promises, tear her down, aren't invested in the relationship and on and on and on. The best I could muster was a feeble, "I love you" and "I'm sorry" between the boulders being hurled through my phone screen. It was ugly. She gets into the emotional then. How she's crying and hurting because of me trying to make me feel as bad as she can. And, yes, you are just getting my side but, please accept on faith that her spiel is for the most part ridiculous and the product of a very narcisistic and selfish personality.

Finally, the last straw is when I tell her I love her and I will see her tomorrow at my office "with bells on". Some attempted levity and an indication that I was done. She responds she "hopes" we will see each other. I gloss over that one and ask if she'll be spending the night. Her response? I doubt it. Okay, so, not only has she treated me like her verbal punching bag but now she's keeping me hanging on whether I even get to see her the next day and she never once said she loved me just a simple goodnight.

Human dignity can only take so much so I hit back with a subtle copy-pasta of a text she sent me 24 hours earlier telling me she loved me and to dream the sweetest dreams. That set her off. "24 hours? 24 months ago... you love to hurt me." My head hurts, I'm tired and at this point, my last **** had been given about 20 minutes ago. Starting with the low hanging fruit, I lay in with "Your hypocrisy makes me worry you might hurt yourself talking out of both sides of your face." As are most women I've known, she's pretty good with the verbal repartee but much to her chagrin and early in the relationship surprise, I'm better. Pardon me but I do the **** all day long for a living; I have the natural talent, a stand-up comic's sense of rhythm and timing, an underlying sense for the lexically precise, and the raw ability to spin a logical, persuasive argument out of the most malign bullshit you ever heard in your life. This is kung-fu with which she will never be able to **** with. I usually give her a break as she just ends up crying when she can't argue me down throwing up the "you're condescending" and the "you make me feel stupid" defense mechanisms. But not this time. So if the honey-coated "How to Win Friends and Influence People" method gets me nothing and even a little "Sun Tzu's The Art of War" only serves to escalate, it's time to whip out "The Prince". Yes, go for the kill Machiavelli style. A Little Boy here, a Fat Man there, I keep dropping the bombs. Until finally, all she can sputter back are feeble "**** you **** you"'s. Oh, for reals? **** me? Okay, I'll see you at my office tomorrow. Go to the bed, bend over it, and take your spanking for your smart mouth. Afterwards, we love each other and life goes on. She hems and haws but doesn't actually reject this. Slightly emboldened, I tell her to tell me she loves me and goodnight. I guess pride and ego got the best of her because she couldn't do that. **** that. I respond: No. Not good enough, sweetie-pie. Send the text. Now.

But I get nothing. She's finally shut her mouth but she after all that she won't even tell me she loves me. I wait about 5 minutes feeling more hurt and dejected by the microsecond. I've felt this way many times before with her but never quite to this extent. I look over the stream of texts she's sent me in a sad post-mortem chronicling of my attempts to placate and how they were summarily thrown right back in my face. So add sadness and a faintly glowing but getting steadily brighter ember of anger to the emotional mix. By the time I got to the crescendo of her missives that little ember had somehow lit and consequently come to the business end of a fuse culminating in a white hot explosion obliterating everything in my mind save the rage only a jilted love can feel combined with the mind-numbing headache thus catalyzing a complete loss of empathetic inhibition. Let's scorch some earth, *************.

No matter what I say at this point, she'll either leave me or she'll go for it. Figuring it's a win/win scenario, I go for broke. Practically verbatim, I text:

When you arrive tomorrow, come inside and *****. You will then, on hands and knees, wait for me to call you into the back office. When you come into the back office, there will be something in your place to rest on. Continue crawling to the end of it closest to me and bow down completely. Have a razor and toiletries close-by since I'm sure you'll need additional care before you are ready to be corrected properly. Bring a marker too so I can write a few reminders down for you on how you will be expected to conduct yourself henceforth. They'll be on your skin for easy reference.

Since a simple spanking doesn't nearly cover how you've acted, I will have other lessons not involving corporal punishment so expect it to take a while. And if I hear one single word in protest, whatever you are whining about will be doubled. You will learn some respect. And when I'm satisfied you've learned your lesson for the day, you will thank me for loving you enough to give it to you. When being punished, My name will be replaced with Sir. You will earn the right to again call me by the former when you have paid your debt in full.

You would do well to commit this all to memory as you will only hear it again when your lack of compliance is being punished. Any whining about the description of your unworthiness to either receive direction or punishment will be treated appropriately by the replacement of your attire and beverage container du jour with a diaper and a baby bottle. Your indulgence from me will be that this will be a private affair. Otherwise, if you whine like a baby you will be treated like one.

You will ask for permission to leave my presence, enter my presence, go to the bathroom, and to get into bed with me. You will follow my instructions precisely. You will follow any additional rules as they are outlined for you. You will serve me honorably and enjoy pleasing me.

I can see inside you and you are obvious. A frustrated woman silently begging to be collared yet not even fully realizing this one deepest desire. In frustration you lash out. Especially at your significant other when he's too busy or weak to take control of you. I will love you, calm you, guide you, and in owning you, I will release you. A love found nowhere else, I will give you. I don't expect it to be easy for either one of us but I love you too much to waver. I don't like hitting you or making you feel pain but I have to if I really love you. And I do, so I will.

Your place will always be at my feet and you will always do what I say but when I am satisfied your attitude has changed and you can be respectful I will consider returning some of your privelages as I see fit.

And that was basically it. I laid it on about as thick as you could imagine but, what the hell?

I woke up the next day and called in sick to work since I'd stayed up so late the night before and while my headache had subsided, my throat was bothering me. I thought about the girlfriend thing and the messages but I didn't really know what to expect. Lo and behold at 2:12 Monday afternoon, my phone dings.
[girlfriend]: I will be there, I will let you know when I am on my way as you have told me to do. You do as you think is best. Can you provide all that is required?
[girlfriend]: I cannot text more. I will respect your wishes. I do not have anyting extra w/ me. Only myself.

Imagine the internal dialogue. "She went for it. She actually went for it." Then, "Oh ****, I have to follow through with this."

I need to stall so I hit her back with, "We'll talk more. Right now just being yourself and the few items I mentioned last night."

To make a long story less long, she ends up doing exactly what I told her, crawling naked to my chair and bowing down at my feet. I'm still incensed about the conversation the night before so I'm in no mood to be nice. I make her kiss my feet in greeting. Then when I get up to inspect her, she looks me in the eye. I slap her *** and tell her to never do that. She whimpers a little and turns her head downward. She failed inspection (of course) and had to be shaved. I told her to lie on her back with her legs spread and in about 5 short minutes she was as bald as a peach. I got a marker and wrote my initial on her mons pubis to emphasize that she was now my property. I then bent her over the bed in the other room and had her count off as I spanked her for her insolence. I then put her nose in the corner and outlined her new rules and the consequences of breaking them.

After that, I brought her her shirt and allowed her to put it on. It wasn't my intention to have sex with her at all. I wanted to make it clear that this was about punishment for her misdeeds. I also wanted her to understand that I was serious and this wasn't a game I was playing. Her new life would be at my feet doing exactly what I say. I allowed her to lie down in the bed and I held her telling her she had done well and had pleased me. I told her that from now on, that would be her focus. Pleasing me and only by extension pleasing herself. She would derive happiness by making me happy. If she received pleasure or indulgence it was because I wanted to and for no other reason. Finally I told her to leave and that I would see her tomorrow.

The next day, she cooked dinner for her parents and I was invited over. Everything was pretty much as is usual between us. I gave her "the look" from time to time and she always returned it demurely with eyes downcast. As I was leaving, she went out with me and I told her I would expect her at my office tomorrow. She agreed, we kissed and I left.

At this point I wasn't completely sure what to make of the whole thing. She wasn't exactly chomping at the bit that I could tell. But then, maybe that was her game. Maybe she was testing me. Maybe she was seeing if she could control what I was doing and making me modify my approach. Maybe she really didn't like it after all. At any rate, I just steamed ahead. Worse case, she ends up leaving but I still get the sex of my life until she does.

She came to my office again and by the end of the night I had my answer. Her attitude was better but still not perfect. When I inspected her this time, she was shaven completely everywhere so at least she can follow those orders. The inspection was much more thorough too culminating with her bowing down and reaching her hands back to spread herself completely open while I looked for the smallest flaw. Even the tiny hairs around her anus had been sheared. Hmm...

The first punishment came quickly. For her smart mouth, argumentativeness, and disrespect, I told her she needed something in it so she might remain a little more mindful. I had her lie flat on her stomach with her head to the side. I then told her to open her mouth. She did so immediately. Then I unceremoniously inserted my left big toe completely until the webbing was touching her lips. I then told her to close her mouth. As I'm sitting in my chair watching my beautiful girlfriend lie completely naked with nothing adorning her but my foot on her face and having my toe resting on her tongue, I couldn't help but feel an immense satisfaction. This was the ***** that had dogged me not 48 hours before. And now look at her. I lectured her about how she is to speak to me in the future and what will not be tolerated. I then told her that the time of the first and last verbal infraction of the day will be noted. However much time elapses between those two times would be how long she has something in her mouth as punishment. I did give a limit of 2 hours though just for ***** and giggles. Even I don't want to have to sit for 9 hours with my toe stuck in her mouth.

After about 20 minutes of this, I get her up and put a collar on her that I had gotten. She accepted it with no protest and looked rather smart if I do say so myself. She was quite the dapper young slave girl.

I took her into the room and had to spank her again for 2 cases of disobedience (4 licks per) and had her count them off to 8. I wanted to do some writing so what I did next was lie on the bed with one leg to the side. I was naked so I told her to come lie down with her head on my inner thigh and "get comfortable". As with the toe I had her open her mouth, plopped it in, then had her close her mouth. We remained this way for probably an hour as I wrote. I did let her pull it out for breaks every so often since I dont' want to be too cruel to the poor girl.

After this, I let her go on a short break and when she came back, I was ready to give back just a little. This is when everything got interesting. She has always liked pain. She loves her nipples pinched and her breasts squeezed. She also has a thing for being choked a bit. As things progressed, she immediately got excited with heavy breathing etc. It dawned on me that she had never been this excited before. She was writhing all over the place. I went down and gave her some nips around her inner thighs and labia which drove her wild. This I had never done before. I carried on for a bit getting more and more into it. Finally, she says, "May I ask that you spread me open? I want you to see inside of me." So I spread her open as much as I can and work my fingers around. She keeps saying how she wants me to see and have everything. Do I feel like I own her inside and out. Whoa. Full stop. She just essentially confirmed that she's on board. She's into this whole thing. She likes being a slave and being dominated. We go on doing other things and she keeps reinforcing how much I own her. At the end, we lay there recovering from legendary sex and discipline gets slightly lax. When we lay down to go to sleep finally, I move her down to where her head is level with my waste, give her the pillows and put my **** in her mouth. She already knew what was up that I would be falling asleep that way tonight. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life. I patted her on the head and told her she had done well and not to forget who she serves. She said "Yes, My Love" and I drifted off to sleep.

I'm writing this today since I'm still in shock that it is happening. I guess projecting the utter confidence that she would do it along with saying and doing just the right things turned the key in the lock opening her up to what she always wanted. I'm three days in and now I just have to maintain the momentum. Wish me luck.
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Amazing story dude. It's almost been a year since you made this story. How are things now? Would love to hear about it or read a second story about it.