Need It Bad

Tell me to come to you

Tell me to take off my panties

Tell me to get over your knee


Tell me what a bad girl Ive been while you are spanking my bare bottom

It hurts but I love it

malllady malllady
41-45, F
19 Responses May 13, 2010

I do all of that in private and make sure your bottom is RED. I am in Columbus Ohio

Me too, malllady, me too.
I tell you what:
I will hold you over my knee while I redden your *** with my hand, my brush, my wooden spoon, a fresh switch, and my homemade paddle. You can suck my Master's **** while I tell you what a bad, dirty **** you are. I will spank you until you can't sit for a day. And I promise you will get on your knees and beg me for more.

But then we will switch...revenge can be sweet. *longing sigh*

The joy of finding someone who understands is very near priceless. May we all enjoy the pleasure.

I always need a spanking!

Ha ve u been spanked lately? Bet u could use a good spanking now ! Spnkbooty

Im going to take ahold of your sassy *** and wear you out with my hand and a nice hard paddle until you are begging and crying like a rotten little girl. Your bottom will burn badly from my spankings and i will make you thank me for it. Then i will make u go to the corner and stand there with your behind exposed to me and everyone else.

Still need it bad? Have you been naughty lately?

Would love to Punish you!

Me too!

Usually I am against corporal punishment but in your case malllady I think it would actually do you some good to feel the kiss of the leather on your bare bottom. To just come out and ask for it like this in public means that you have been very, very naughty and must be punished for your own good! Tell me all the bad things you have ever done and I will decide your penalty. Be specific. Give me facts, not real names of course but details about exactly what you did and how. You have to be honest. You get extra if I catch you telling fibs. Remember, this is for your benefit. If you don't tell the truth you are letting yourself down (and me too hee hee). I do enjoy punishing BAD girls who are just ASKING for it.

Just wondering, have you ever gotten tour spanking yet? I'd love to help.

Why not call me on 0824125127

Hold those cheeks open for my **** to slide in and out babe!

Purplezen, why are you so quiet?

It would be a pleasure to do that for you Purplezen.<br />
I am In Johannesburg.

Would love to punish you. Where do you live? I am in Cape town

These are just the kind of fantasies that go through my mind and which eventually I would like to act <br />
out with the proper costumes of cause - me as the naughty school girl and a guy or girl as the head teacher wearing the cape, hat and either using a ruler, his/her hand or paddle to firstly use for a soft stroking along my thighs. And then a sudden surprising spank as they tell me how naughty I have been. Which makes my *** and ***** tingle at the same time. If this were a guy they could continue with the spanking for a while then whilst having me still bent over - do me doggy-style. Keeping his uniform still on so that when I look up at the mirror beside us I can see his **** riding in and out of me with that strict yet sexy, dominant outfit. mmm.

very hot bunwarmer.

The anticipation, of seeing me sitting in our "spanking chair." The tingle, in your bottom knowing that I will, very soon, bare it to the breeze, and burn it to your soul. The butterflies in your stomach, as you both dread, and crave, what you know is about to come. The memories, of spankings past, and long past. Your sex moistens with the drama, and even your nipples are poking through your blouse as you approach me... naughty, naughty girl.<br />
<br />
Now, Get Over Here, and get across my lap! <br />
<br />
First, your panties will entrap your thighs. Then we see just how much fire we, both, can stand.<br />
<br />
Humiliation. Subservience. Resistance. Release.<br />
<br />

i would gladly spank you i would remove your pants bend u over my knee and take my wood hairbrush to your naughty bottom!!! it would hurt! if you want to know what else this strict master can do email me at