I'm Bored, Lonely And Out Of Control.

It would be so nice to just be pulled over someones knee and spanked to slow me down a bit before I get into really big trouble.
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I need to be spanked otk also before I get into big trouble I have already I left my house last night so I need a spanking like now!

Smart lady.

I completely agree - I'd like it to be forceful, by an older man. I have to confess my bf boss is rather horney and I have fantasised about him doing this to me. I pretend I am doing some work experience for him - all dressed up like a proper little pa; heels, skirt, holdups blouse etc and one day I completely **** a job up. He pulls me into the office and without any warning puts me over his knee lifts up my skirt - instantly gets aroused by me in my holdups and starts spanking! It's not long before I am so wet. Yum.

Most people view spankings as abuse - but many dont corelate that it is a form of caring, need, cleansing and support.. to take the world and focus it to a moment of loss of control and clarity.

A good loooong spanking seems to be needed here.

I am here to help you. Not only do you need spanked but you need someone to kinda watch what you are doing before you do get into trouble.

I bet you didn't realize how many creepy private messages you were going to get on this site when you wrote this.

If you're still in need, I could send my husband over to give your cute little bottom a nice slow spanking. He likes to soothe sweet little bottoms when it's over, though. He would rub it and put some lotion, if it gets too red. Let me know and we can chat about it....all in the interest of keeping you out of trouble, sweetie! <br />
; ) Vanessa

Its a shame i didnt see this earlier... I'd have offered my "handy work".

I feel the exact same way, need a spanking so bad just to calm me down and help me refocus my attention on things I need and want to do. I feel out of control shopping, spending, ect. And I know I need a good bare bottom over the knee spanking. Why is it so hard to find guys who understand this?

I wouldn,t mind at all taking u over my knee n giving u a good hard spanking on your bare butt make it nice n hot n red for u<br />
It be spanking good for u :)

it's so hard to get friends on her please add me

sounds like u need a good spanking once or twice a day :) hopefully u get spanked soon :)

That's so interesting, because I think a good spanking would be thereauputic on both ends. Lady gets a little direction and guidance, and the guy gets a sense of accomplishment and authority. I fantasize about spanking a lady nearly daily.

I feel the same exact way.

id love to oblige!