Mom/dad To Spank 20yr Old Male Like A Kid

Never been spanked and my mom told me to have a family do it to me
Till I cant speak cuz I have no respect for parents and she said to write a list for u and guidelines
She wants done dressed up in women clothing panties to everything u can think off
2. Then be dragged otk spanked by hand switching turns then to belt
3. Bent over in shower and be spanked
4. Standing up while being spanked
5 any way the father wants to spank me then mother
6. Each new spanking should last hrs
7. Ask me if I now respect parents never believe me
8. Till bedtime then I am to be spanked before I leave
9. Return next time u say next spanking session
Once again never been punished so I don't think I'll cry but we will see
Neverbeenspanked23 Neverbeenspanked23
2 Responses May 13, 2012

Why do you want to be spanked in a shower? There is not much room in a shower. My wife gives a very good spanking. Bringing you to tears will not be a problem. She sets a box of tissue on the floor to her left. This is for you. She will take your pants down and put you over her knee, then proceed to paddle your bare bottom. The tissue is for you to dry your eyes and blow your nose with. trust me! You will be crying. When she is done she sits there patiently until you finish crying. Then it is off to the corner where you will stand nose to the corner with your pants down holding the paddle behind your back with both hands until she gives you permission to turn around. If you have been really bad you will be taken to the family room where your pants will be taken down and you will be bent over the back of the couch. Whereupon you will be thoroughly strapped. I promise you will be bawling like a little baby. You will start respecting and obeying your parents so fast they will think you are a different person.

i will spank u but im single