Not Sure Why......

I'm not quite sure why this has always been a secret fantasy of mine.... maybe its all the romantic novels that I read that contain loving domestic discipline and spanking scenarios, maybe its the fantasy of being taken to task for being bratty or naughty, I don't know.  What I do know is that I don't view this in the same way as abuse, it has always seemed to me to be more about intimacy and closeness - about a partner loving you so much to take you to task in the most fundamental of ways in order to show you the error of your ways, to help you become a better person..... sometimes my fantasies include sensual spanking as foreplay, but regardless of the reasons, for punishment or pleasure, I know that the person I would share this with would have to be someone I had infinite trust in, someone who I know would view it in the same way I do, that its about a yin/yang in a relationship, not about abuse..... if it EVER became about that then I would WALK AWAY sharpish.......
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Trust that deep does not come cheap.

Be carefull in the beginning. Make sure the person is not the insecure/controlling type and make sure he doesn't have any issues controlling his temper. Then, if you feel deeply submissive towards him and you know he won't abuse his power over you, ask him outright. I just did that, and was promised I will recieve "everything I want, ask for, deserve, and earn". I finnally got the guts to come right out and talk to him about it. Just be carefull about who you let touch you first. And good luck!