Spanking Implements.

I want to be spanked with several implements. One each day until I have felt the pain each one brings. Day one: I find myself having my pants lowered and being placed over my spankers knees. My spanker gives me a pantie warming with her hand. When she is satified with the pantie warming, she lowers my panties and vigoriusly applies a wooden hairbrush to by bare behind until I am freely crying. Day Two: I find myself standing at the side of the sofa in just my panties and a tee shirt. I am placed over the arm of the sofa, and my spanker lowers my panties to my knees. She then proceeds to apply a razor strop to my bare behind and thighs one hundred times. Day three: Again I find myself at the side of the sofa in panties and tee shirt. My spanker makes me bend over the arm of the sofa. She then applies fifty cuts of an English spanking cane on my behind and on my thighs. Day four: Again I am bent over the arm of the sofa with my panties being lowered. My spanker then appleis one hundred times, a Scottish three finger tawse to my sore behind. Day five: I am once again bent over the sofa and my panties lowered for fifty lashes of a flogger. Day six is a day of rest. Day seven: I amnow given a panties down spanking with each of the previous implements.

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1 Response Mar 28, 2009 or it's A good place to purchase spanking implements. I have purchased a four finger tawse and two different size English school punishment canes.