My Great-aunt's House

My great-aunt lived in a brick Southern plantation-style house. It had white pillars on the porch, and a stone fence with an iron gate in the front. I used to love to go there as a child.

My mom believes the house was haunted. Apparently, a former owner of the house had committed suicide there. Mom says that she and her cousin had a paranormal experience there when they were young.

There was a spiral staircase off of the living room. It was beautiful, and I've always wanted one, mostly because of the fond memories associated with it.

When my great-uncle passed away, my great-aunt could no longer afford the upkeep nor manage to do it herself, as the property also included a dairy farm. The house was sold and she moved to a smaller place that she could more easily manage. I will forever remember the house, though, and the lovely spiral staircase.
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Nov 20, 2011