I Have A Stalker

I have a really huge problem that I want to talk about, I have a stalker and his name is John, he's a 40 year old married man who is heavy set. He's my biggest fan I have and will have. He's gone on the sites I pose nude for because he recognized me from the ***** club I was working at. He's seen my myspace and emails me everyday and gets angry if I don't reply. I've seen him follow me home one day and parked down the street from my house and I could see him taping me. I've caught him taping me while I'm in the bathroom, he listens in on me when I'm having sex. This is how it all started...

I was walking home one night and that's how I met him. He circled around the block and drove up slowly behind me. At that time, I didn't know he was going to be my stalker, just some nice guy who's seen my profile. He rolls down his window and says aren't you persephonekore, persephonekore21, persephonekore19, lil_slut19, curiouslilslave, and persephone? I said yes and he asked me if I wanted a ride, I told him no since I thought it was odd that he knew all of my screen names for different site, he kept insisting since it was raining, so I got in the car with him, he keeps staring at my legs because I was wearing a mini skirt, a coat that was opened half way and you could see that I was wearing a tank top, and I had boots on as well. Anyway, he tells me how pretty I am and that he wants to be my boyfriend. He tells me I'm gorgeous and he's never seen anyone as beautiful as me. Of course I feel flattered and then he starts rubbing my legs and tells me that my legs are pretty, smooth, and soft. Then he tried to touch my ***** and I told him to stop, he apologized for doing it.

He didn't seem so creepy after we talked in the car while he drove me home. We had a lot of things in common like music, what we like to read and watch and stupid stuff like that. After awhile, we started hanging out as friends and then we become *******. I would stay at his house on the weekend that my daughter's father had her. Every time I'd go over I had to sleep with him because he's insecure. Every time that I told him I don't want to have sex, he'll come up with a crazy idea and think I'm sleeping with someone else. One time we were ******* and he decided to tie my hands together with a belt and put duct tape on my mouth. I mean I thought that he was getting really kinky and I was like cool, I was so turned on that he's making me his *****, his ****, his sex slave. So he goes back to ******* me and all of a sudden he goes really hard and fast and I started to cry because he was hurting me but not in a good way. He came in my like 5 times that night because he kept yelling I want to get you pregnant and then you'll be with me forever while choking me and I couldn't breath for anything (even though I like breath play, he wasn't playing at all). After that I didn't know what to say or do except cry the whole night it happened. After he was done, he untied me and took the tape off, laid on his side with his back towards me and went to sleep. I just laid there shocked and stunned to what happened. If I never got in the car with him, this wouldn't have happened I don't think.

Anyway, he gets angry when I don't listen to him or do what he tells me to do and starts talking about that he's my biggest fan alive and that he knows everything about me. He kept chanting "Why would you want to lose your biggest fan!", "Let me have my moment with you, why would you want to ruin what I have for you!". He tells me he loves me all the time and if I don't say it he'll get mad. He tells me that he wants to marry me and start a family and keep me forever. Months go by and he was mad because I wasn't getting pregnant and the reason for that was because I'd use the bathroom after he ****** me and clean myself so I wouldn't get pregnant. In the beginning of every month he'd have me take a pregnancy test and it would always come out negative, and he'd beat me for it. So one night I guess he had a feeling I was doing something every time I went to the bathroom when we were done, so this night we had sex, and I went to the bathroom, and he watched me clean myself and stormed in the bathroom and started beating the hell out of me. He beat me with his belt and was punching and kicking me.

I ran away from him one time to my friend Deacon's house and I told him and his sister Tish about what he did to me. Deacon came up with an idea to spy on him and see how he likes it. Well, one night we caught up with him and he picked up a prostitute and we followed him. He drove back to his house and he went to the basement with the ***** and we opened up a window from the outside so we can listen in and we taped his every move. He kept telling the ***** that her name is to be Persephone because he felt as though she looked like me but I didn't see how. Anyway, he told her to say her name and she wouldn't, he slapped her really hard against her face, and again he demanded that she say her name and she did, she said " I'm Persephone".

He says, tell me you love me Persephone and you want to be my wife. She repeats him word for word and he starts to beat the **** out of her and kicking her. Calling her a ***** and he acts like he's talking to me because he says you're a **** because you pose nude and you used to *****. And that's what I did, I pose nude and I was a ********. He killed her...we all watched him beat her to death and we did nothing about it. They kept telling me to go to the police but I was too scared to go. After he beat her, he started to **** her and he defecated all over her and wrapped her up in a thick plastic and carried her to his wheel barrow.

John has 5 acres of land in Cedarville and he wheeled her body into the woods but we didn't follow him. A month goes by and he still hasn't found me until I go to a party. Apparently Deacon's friend Larry a.k.a Fuzzy is friends with John and Fuzzy showed up and John is right next to him. I was dancing with Deacon's brother Kemp and you know, we're rubbing up against each other and I had plans to make him my ****** that night. Well I go get a sip of Henny and I see John and he walks over to me. He's really pissed off at me and asks me if I'm a **** or a *****. I said neither why? He told me that I was dancing like one.

I really don't remember much of that night because I was really ****** up and ****. The only thing I do remember is that I went to the bathroom and somehow I woke up in John's bed and I'm naked and bleeding. I go to the bathroom and I get ready to take a shower and my *** is hurting a lot. I'm thinking what the ****, I grab my ***, and there's blood on my fingers and I'm just like wow, this ***** raped my ***. I start crying because I didn't know what to do. I picked up the phone to call the police and the phone cord was cut I didn't have my phone on me. He's standing at the far end of the dining room and asks me who I'm trying to call. I ran to the sliding doors because he has a deck and he jumped on me and started to punch me in my head and grabbed my neck and was choking me.

I passed out and when I woke up again, I was chained in his basement with duct tape on my mouth and he was raping me again and my friend Deacon was behind him and he hits John with a baseball bat on his head. He freed me and Deacon took me back to his house. And now the police are involved and it's all under investigation. Is he ****** up or what?
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Although, with everything I go on, it should be pretty easy to find me, especially considereing how foursquare (foursquare.com) could make it that more possible for anyone to get a stalker if they don't have one already lol.

Stalkers and Stalking, That's a tough subject for most women. I suppose in it's own sordid way it can be quite intoxicating until reality sets in. I've met only a few women who really enjoy it, or at least admit to it. I have to confess as well, I've done some, online mostly but in one case it went a little further.. She knew exactly what I was doing or rather knew I was stalking her. Occassionly she would send me a "tip" about what she was doing or where she was. We "played" this little game of sorts, she knew it, she liked it and she certainly got off on it. As did I.....

To me it in a crazy way it's weird and exciting I guess lol. I'm sure I do have online stalkers, but they're not that interested in finding me, I don't know the motive for online stalking. For physically stalking, I understand why and I gave a cpl tips out to that guy without focusing on what I was doing. But he never came to find me or anything, cause I was waiting for my mom to pick me up from where I was lol.

I think you need a real stalker...

Actually I kind of did. I have a modeling site and this guy mailed me on there wanting to work with me but he said he wasn't a real photographer, so I left it alone. Then a month later I get another email from someone asking me if I'm the girl waiting for the bus around 4 by my street. I said yes not really thinking anything of it but it was a little weird I'll admit lol. Turns out he lives across the street from me and he's seen me MANY times before. Last year for Halloween I dressed up as a school girl, and I went trick or treating with my daughter, but I pretended to be a teen since I look so young. Anyway we did stop at his house, got candy and that was it. I guess that's when his attraction for me started. He works with computers and so I guess he somehow got onto my network and found my site. He hasn't done anything or mailed me since.

But if I had a real stalker like in my story, idk how one would find me unless he's like that guy but he's not or else he would've been trying to get me.

You.ve put me off wanting a stalker. Lol.

lol I'll write another stalker story but I'll make it a nicer one, something that explains why it might be fun to have a stalker

I should get more than a spanking, and thanks for saying that it sounded real. I like to write short stories even though this wasn't a short story, but all the ideas that are in here, are from a short story that I really am writing. What I'm writing explains all for what I like and it's a lot of stuff

lol yeah but there are some parts of the story that I would like for it to happen, well I guess everything except for the guy killing someone. Oh, and I don't have friends named Deacon or Tish either lol

Wow good story but glad that didn't really happen to you!

lol it's not a real story, i just wanted 2 add something in this group since i only saw 1 story