I don't meet a lot of people that I can envision being emotionally connected to. So when those few precious chances come my way, I cherish them and hang on. With all the uncertainty in outcome that I deal with at work and often times outside of work, knowing that someone will always be there for you is a relief…until it's brought into question.

I recently met someone who might've just won me over but the situation is odd to say the least. We met under some rather forced circumstances but I didn't think our feelings for each other had any reason for doubt. All I ever want to know is, "Are you in or out?" While I understand that circumstances may not allow for us to spend time together and grow like a regular relationship, I wanted some assurance that we're in it together since it's fortuitous that we got to meet at all.

I just wanted us to fight for it. At least I was willing to. If you want something badly enough, you fight for it and you make the effort. I'm too tired and impatient to put up with indecisiveness so since he can't make up his mind, I'll make up mine. If a situation is less than certain, I assume the answer to always be "no" and move on because I have a life to live and opportunities to take advantage of. I learned years ago to never wait for someone because the result was a wasted heart as well as a broken one. I'm the boss of my life, and I got sh1t to do. FTS.
sayhellnotobs sayhellnotobs
26-30, F
Aug 18, 2014