It Started When A Guy At The Bowling Place Accidentally Saw My Gf's Breast.

It's been bothering me ever since. I and my gf went bowling no bra. A staff who was helping her saw her boobs when she leaned forward to pick the right bowling ball. I and the guy stood next to her. I saw what he saw. Her T shirt was quite comfy and loose. The shirt revealed her right and left breasts. My first reaction was upsetting, just like male animal trying to protect it's famale. But when I looked into the guy's eyes. I saw his eyes popped out of his eyes' socket. I saw he rubbed his nose and covered his mouth while talking. Later on, he kept checking on my gf. I thought that my gf accidentally turn him on. And that turned me on badly. Later on, I wanted a guy to see my gf naked. And I did succeed. I persuaded her to posed nude for oil paint. I brought her to soft swinging party where people ****** in the same room. I brought her to naked barbecue party. I hired a male masseur to rub her *****. And out of a sudden, she said she didn't wanna do this anymore. She said I needed a psychiatrist. And she left me. I begged her to come back. She did come back under a promised that I would never show her ***** off again. I had to take that. However, I still miss the old day. What I do now is, keep finding a stragner who is willing to come and see my gf's pic in my notebook. It is very rediculous. Two strangers, both guys, meet and look at pics of gf's *****. Ha Ha.
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love to see her.

sorry mate its the same for thousands of guys we are all in the same boat

she was obviously a willing partner in your fantasies, good for the 2 of you.

I wanna be a stranger looking at your naked wife! add me? I'd love to. **** with a profile photo like that. of course!

Oh my God ! I share all of the sentiments & emotions expressed by everyone who has participated in<br />
the debate that has followed in the wake of this marvellous story, so graphically written ! The world<br />
is a beautiful place filled with such interesting people ! Thank you also to the visionary who established this website so that I can "feel" in the pleasures & disappointments, frustrations & fears of so many<br />
exciting people !

last month, there was a good sign. she let me take her ***** shot again. and she asked me to find another guy to help. i went crazy when i heard that. i worked damn hard to get a right guy. then couple of weeks later, she changed her mind. damn.

Agree with Sino; hope you can work out something. It sounds as if she changed her mind suddenly - have you discussed this?

like to see her.

Keep posting her pictures here. The world will miss seeing her naked. But, don't risk losing her. Oh man. I would kill myself (figuratively) if I let someone like her go away. I rather ********** to my fantasies while she is still at my side than ********** to “her memories” once she is gone. Keep her man and don’t risk that.

She is a beautiful lady!...................Gorgeous, to bad you don't share her!

Would you like to have her seduced by another man?

Good point.

You can find men to attempt to seduce your wife, without you around and see if she takes the bait that way.