A Rare Victory!

Most of my stories relate to what I would like to happen; this is a much rarer occasion of what did happen.   With the exception of her gynocologist (her GPs have all been female), no man other than me had ever seen naked in almost 20 years.   She was, and still is, very shy about her body.  Even on a holiday in Greece soon after we married, she insisted on wearing (albeit quite seethrough when wet) a swimsuit whilst the other girls went topless.

The breakthrough came a couple of years ago in a hotel mixed sauna, as are quite common in Germany and Austria.   After much persuading, she finally agreed to come down with me to the sauna.  To many or most on here, this would be a real 'so what?'; to me, this was a real breakthrough after almost 20 years together.   I wasn't too hopeful that the towel would come off, but thrilled that we'd got that far.   Needless to say, I was pretty worried that I'd end up with an embarassing *****!

As expected in the sauna, the towel stayed wrapped around her, but after 5 mins of not seeing everyone stare at her, but rather men and women coming and going naturally, she let the towel slip down to her waist, and a little later unwrapped it and sat on it like everyone else.   For the first time ever to my knowledge, she was sitting naked in front of strangers.   No question that I did find it hard to contain my excitement (and hide it from her). as guys came and went, all of whom scanned the sauna occupants including her.   The steam kept her large nipples wonderfully erect, which attracted a few glances, and her natural red ***** contrasted with the neat trimmed ******* of the regular sauna ladies, just as her large nipples contrasted with their small neat breasts and nipples.  I could have stayed there all night, though sadly 20 minutes was all I got.

I managed to repeat this on one ocassion since, and is almost justification in itself to holiday in Germany or Austria on every opportunity.

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Greece,Austria,Germany? And why not just throw into a basket ball team showers after a championship victory? All those 6 foot black guys with ***** as big as her forearms strutting around with a shy little white wife with huge nipples and a bright red ***** would blast away her reluctancies,you could hide under a bench as you watched her being scewered! You'd be spurting *** all over the place in a mega multiple continuous ****** till the next morning!
Forget saunas!

a wonderful rare victory indeed

very hot!