Just The Right Size . . .

My wife has a geat erotic mind and loves to use it to the max.   We had gone to Myrtle Beach on vacation early last spring and had went to a large mall to do a bit of shopping.     She was wearing a fairly tame looking skit which came a few inches below her knees.  What no one else around is knew was that she didn't have any panties underneath.  

She has never shaved her ***** and hs a nice furry **** which I love.   Since there were few people around at this time, she had decided to get herself ( and me ) aroused.   What she did was find a shoe store ( and there were about 20 to choose from ) and see if there was the right man in one of them.  After searching several, she found one with one man about 55 or 60 years old.   By the way, she is 41 years old . . and has a pretty good figure   . .  anyway, we both go into this shoe store and I am looking pretty bored and say that I am going to a nearby hardware store and will be back in 15 minutes or so.  

I actually just went outside and over a bit so I was out of site of the salesman . . . by this time my wife was seated in the chair with her foot up on the footrest so he could try on the shoes she had picked out . .and with her foot up in tha manner, it pulled her sirt up so he could see right up to her hairy ***** . .without her knowing of course . . ha ha . .  she eveh had her other foot down on the floor and over a bit so that her legs were slightly parted in a fashion that would give her **** maximum exposure for this guy.      

After tryin on many pairs of shoes . . and I knew the guy was not getting tired . . I finally came back but shood a bit behind her so that she could continue showing her ***** off with me right there and the poor guy not really sure if he should take another peek or not.    It was very exciting for us both and we went out into our RV parked in the lot and had a great ****.     

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2 Responses Mar 15, 2010

Isn't it great how flashing makes our wives wet and horny!!

Great story. I don't know what it is, but this is one of my wife Ann's favorite ways to exhibit herself. For some reason she is able to play innocent, and also direct her open legs at the hottest guy she can find. It can be very hot to watch. Ann rarely wears panties anymore so she's ready to show it at any time. Great fun!!

Glad you guys enjoyed the story - - Love the pictures of your wife . .very nice looking lady.