I was abused at school by a science teacher, I say abused I mean this relationship abused my life and it also abused his. I had other early boy on boy sexual activity at school and yet I am very heterosexual now. I am also a science teacher. I wish to find the right sort of submissive partner that can come on a journey with me through the exciting seas of my mind. To find what there is to be found and treat it with love and place the disorder into order. If I was going to describe these waters through which I would like to steer my boat they would be gentle waters, serene dotted with forested islands with tropical parrot squawking beaches. There would be rope, hessian, salty oak boards on the deck on which to lay silk cushions to soak up the sun. However at times there would be adventure, demons, and monsters to capture and calm and send on there way. I need a crew for my boat. They need to have no expectation. Just a willingness to seek with me down the route that I wish to follow. Obedience is everything. I wish for my submissives to fully understand what it is that I mean by obedience. I do not wish to imitate other masters I have my own style others may find it too light but it is not if you make too many mistakes I will not punish you I will drop you off on the nearest island. With a huge hamper of goodies and sail on without you. My mission is a beautiful one.

dalston dalston
51-55, M
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wonderful way you describe your world view Dalston...very very unique and interesting. Good luck in your search.

Wild D