i want a successful relationship . i have been a relationship where we did not have a lot in common. But this time i want someone who i have something in common maybe camping , music - nickel back , maybe religion or at least go to church or believe in that there is something up there. i want someone to understand me , know that a phone call or text means a lot to me. i want to text constantly and just talk about random *** **** but still keep talking , i want them to know that i may be disabled or close to it but i still want to try and do everything myself. i want a relationship while that her parents like me or at least dont bad mouth me. i don't want to move too fast this time. i want a phone call at work from them saying i love you and care about you. don't work too hard good bye. i am a supervisor at my work and i sometimes cannot talk on the phone a great deal. if they are on ep i want them to comment on my stuff.
witheverstepifail witheverstepifail
18-21, M
Aug 3, 2010