She Rocks

I'd love for Kat to do my next tat but after checking out her site I realized it is so not in my budget. Anyone can submit a request and you pick if you are interested in just the tattoo or if you want to be on the show. I think they started at around $1000 if I remember correctly. I love her style and if I had the money and went to her it would be for something big and related to my children. Can you imagine, "Hi Kat, yes I'd like a little star and heart on my toe please"... uuhh yeah don't think so. :)

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You just need to go to the site and start signing up now. LOL I'm sure the wait is LONG! My daughter just got her 2nd one, and is adicted!

i think shes amazing too!! heh i started wanting a tattoo just by watching her show on tv. :) now i wish i had not one but 3 tattoos heh heh :D maybe one day u ll get ur tattoo from her.

they are indeed... have a couple already

Sure........ Tats are kind of addicting!

Okay so what if I agree to do an EP/Kat interview and tat? hhmmm maybe I'll get one then?

I'd love one by her too. Her work is so amazing. Not to say I don't have an amazing artist already but Kat................. To be able to show it and say Kat VonD did this would be so awesome!<br />
<br />
Sorry you can't get a tat, Betty.

HA! Maybe she'll read my story... oh better add some more info to it huh. *Giggles*