Shoulod Or Shouldnt I ???

i wouls like a tatoo but i cant decide on a design or where to put it?
i have recently had my hair cut and one side is shaved,,,,, so i thought i mite have 666 tattooed small on the shved part of my skulll :)
i live satun and the devil and im quite punk so it would suit BUT if in a few years i didnt want it would my hair grow over it or would it scar and i would be bauld forever ... does this make sence .....

i mite post this in questions beause this s more orf a question thatn a story :D
daydreamer25 daydreamer25
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1 Response Jul 5, 2010

yeah thanks .. i will check i have a freind who can get me dicount also =D..yeyy ! lol <br />
although it will be difficult to wash my hair during the healing wont it.. beacuse only half my head is shaved hmmm ... just thought of that ;(