I Really Want

a big, bright, beautiful phoenix on my thigh. Its meant to symbolise my rebirth. I have been through a lot of c*** these last few years.

And I want some song lyrics on my arm, on some scars. there are 5 scars so i think "She, she screams in silence" from She by Green Day

Oh, and maybe two bows, either side of my waist/
squidger squidger
1 Response May 12, 2011

Just a suggestion. Never put ur life's journey in a tattoo.. it may seem appealing at the moment but life keeps on changing. So put something that symbolize something that doesn't change.. Like the name of ur children or something. That way u will never have to look at the tattoo later in you life and be reminded of a past u might not want to remember. Most importantly just draw something that represent u and u'll love for the rest of your life coz tattoos stay with you that long. Cheers!!