In The Chair

When Lumpy died, Stinky came to me and told me that he wanted a tattoo. I was not in favor of it as he was underaged and I didn't want him marking up his body. Friends advised me that based on the kind of kid Stinky was and the love he had for his Dad, that I should change my stance on this. He wanted to honor his father and I understood how he felt after having lost my Toots.

That was the start of the changing of my opinion about tattoos. I liked what he chose to do, a crucifix with his Dads initials in the center. The art was nice, the size fit him well and it could be kept private with a shirt sleeve. No harm, no foul and at his Catholic High School, no one the wiser.

Our relationship growing stronger daily, we were clinging to one and other. At dinner one night, we were talking and I had told him that I was considering getting something that represented our relationship. I truly believe he saved me and is my NorthStar and while we talked, he convinced me that it was something I really did want to do. On the way home from the restaurant, we stopped and met the artist. I drew it out and the following day, I sat in a chair and the process began.

This past March, my Toots would have been 80 years old. She was a woman of substance and I am proud to be her daughter. Don't get me wrong, she made plenty of mistakes, but it made her human and I modeled plenty of my parenting skills raising Stinky after the type of Mother she was to me and my siblings. Her love of pretty things kept her gardening and always noticing the nature around her. Our backyard was like park and she responsible for all of it. Again, I wanted and needed a representation. I drew two cardinals sitting on a branch of a dogwood tree and again I sat in the chair. I am especially fond and proud of this one. It's large, it hurt, but it is beautiful in my eyes just as she was.

My last tattoo will be that of a needle mending a heart. It will bear the initials of the person or persons I believe are responsible for helping me get past my sadness and loss. I'm well on my way there and when I feel the transition complete, again I will be in the chair.

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Dee Ten:<br />
I applaud you on your open mindedness and I enjoyed reading your story. I think your desc<x>ription of your art work is beautiful. <br />
<br />
And to those of you that don't like the idea of tattoos, I say: "Your approval is (snap) NOT required. Your acceptance, however, is appreciated."

I find tattoos hideous. I don't understand why anyone would want to mutilate their body with such ugliness. It's true beauty is in the eye of the beholder and if you think they are attractive, more power to you. I just think tattoos are very ugly and very sad. I see women of all ages sporting the god awful things and I feel sorry for them.

Somehow, as soon as I read the name "Stinky" I knew this was a love story! :p<br />
<br />
I really thought the tattoos that I want to get (as soon as it makes financial sense, right now I am dead broke) were really meaningful.<br />
<br />
I want to get a huge, jet black, standard crucifix as big as my back, but that can be hidden with plain clothes at the same time (the simplicity of the tattoo really appeals to me). The other tattoo I want to get is "Love conquers all" in Arabic right underneath the pectorals, that runs from one extreme of my torso to the other (I will need a good artist for the second one). The first tattoo is a way to channel my enthusiasm about Christ and the message He brought to us. The second is simply my life philosophy - which, funny enough, is the same as GOD's lol.<br />
<br />
I mean, yes, I know this is not a contest, but after reading your reason for getting a tattoo, I almost feel embarrassed about why I'm getting mine! And it is amazing to read that a tattoo started the process that got you closer to your Stinky, what an awesome story!

Yeah, get your big ole tatoo and you will look just like all the cons I saw in the state pen when I worked as a correctional officer. It will really enhance your job chances too. Of course all the girls opinion of you will rise too when they see how you degraded your body . You sound like a real winner to me. Dead Broke!! Hell kid, you should be looking for a job instead of a tatoo and adding to your resume so you can become a member of society instead of a rebel.

Of course, as you correctly guessed, I intend to go topless to my job interviews, in order to fully display the tattoo I got which was designed so it could be covered with plain clothing.

You honestly thing that your half-assed superiority complex serves any purpose?

I have a personal story in which I learned how peoples opinions can be off. I am Christian non denominational. However I believe Jesus is who he said he was. <br />
<br />
I was in church and we practiced prophecy acording to the leading of the Spirit. I have experienced the Holy Ghost and more but this day had a impact on me. The pastor used to be a Satinist who left it and was later filled with the Holy Ghost. Nice man. He felt let to go to this woman and tell her a message. That some one close to her had reciently died and he felt God wanted him to let her know who ever it was was under attack from the enemy but that it was ok and this person was with the Jesus now. She started crying and let him know what happened so he had her tell everyone about it. <br />
<br />
Well it turned out her brother had committed suicide. However there were people that told her that her brother could not have gone to God as heartless as that might sound. So through prophecy it happened that God led her to be let known that her brother did indeed go to God. That he was under attack by the enemy. <br />
<br />
I have personally experienced a suicidal attack once of similar nature myself so I knew what they were talking about however I mannaged to over come it as I was let by the Holy Ghost in how to over come it. Its a unique story in it self. <br />
<br />
Any ways it was one of those mind blowing incidents that you suddenly realize how miss led people can be in their assumptions about who God is. I am glad to say God helped me over come those other peoples notions about who he is.

I'm sure you recognise why those people believed what they believed. I would also think, according to the Bible, that a person who committed suicide was in the place where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth.

At the same time, what should be obvious even to the most lay of Bible readers is that our infinite GOD is not limited to human understanding of the Bible. I am sceptical, for better or worse, whenever people definitely define GOD's nature through their own understanding of it.

Congratulations on your " conversion" . I am tattooed and do truely understand the emotional reasons that draw people to bodyart. I am also amazed at the number of individuals that think their beliefs should be everyone elses. We are all individuals and have the absolute right to make our own decisions as how to live and run our own lives. I hope you and Stinky have a wonderfull life.

As an artist i know that many people use tattoos as a way to heal and honor thouse who have come before them, just as they have been for thousands of years. They say the body is a temple; I say it's yours and that you should be able to decorate it in a way you see fit. Ink is just a way of doing that, just like jewlery and cloths.

Dear DeeTen: I was born unto a Muslim family. I do NOT practice Islam. But I will tell you this: God (Allah) did not give you tattoos, when you were born. To have them, is to disgrace the body that God gave you,. STOP, here ---- I'm NOT bringing "religion" into the equation. So, forget it. The following is my personal belief. I live in Chicago --- and I see more and more men AND women, with tattoos. You can't believe how many. I guess it's a contemporary thing. It's "fashionable" and perfectly accepted.<br />
I go back to the days when (anyone) bore tattoos ---- it's because they just got out of Joliet prison.<br />
I know it's unfair and hardly contemporary to think this way ---- but, despite religion ---- I just think that it is NOT fashionable and no-one should denigrate their bodies with "something" that makes most of think that they just got out of prison --- or are disrespectful of their bodies. I am not looking for an argument, here --- nor do I disrespect you and "Stinky". It's your call. It is, after all, they're your bodies and what you want to do with (them). I guess --- I'm just "old-fashioned". I think I need to get with the program and come into the 21st Century. However, I will never have tattoos.<br />
Best regards --- no offense nor disrespect to you: JIM

respect your beliefs... this is why in America and Canada (I am Canadian) it is called Freedom.. and as you have chosen to do also, express your self as people with Tattoos are doing. I myself have Tattoos and each and every one of them were thought out before I got them, I did not do it on a whim, each and every one has a meaning and it is my way of showing people that I have memories I would like to share with you...

what a wonderful Story. Re Tattoos an advisor on Television said not to get the initial 's of a girlfriend or a boyfriend on an arm encase of future changes re boyfriend or girlfriend.

how Lovely, I also designed my own tattoo in honour of my Mum and Dad who I have lost both of!