I Am Inked Out Temporarily But Plan To Make Them Permanent!

Never through my teens and the majority of my twenties have i ever thought about or even considered getting a tattoo but in recent years I have gradually started seeing guys and girls showing of their tatts whether they are celebrities or members of the public and admiring them, thinking about whether that particular design would look good on me or not. I am particularly fond of tribal designs, they look really good on the upper arms and across the top of the back. A couple of years ago, I even started watching LA Ink which has made me even more determined to get inked. As well as tattoo's I started noticing lots more men wearing modern and stylish earrings. I liked them and earlier this year, I got three piercings (both lobes and left helix). My wife says she will not be best pleased if I ever come home with a permanent tattoo. Searching online, I noticed you could get temporary tattoos. You just stick the design template over the area you want inked and spray the ink. Without a second look, I had ordered several designs and a couple of cans of black ink. When they arrived in the post I got straight to work on temporarily tattooing both upper arms, my chest and the top of my back. It was fantastic, exactly what I thought they would be like but sadly I knew they wouldn't last very long and within a few days I was once again tattoless. My wife said that the one at the top of my back looked nice and the ones on either arm were alright. She said that at least with temporary tattoos, you can change them whenever you like and that you don't have to keep to the same design. True I replied. Now that the ink keeps on transferring from my body to the sheets, she is now saying not to wear them. I do have a cunning plan to visit the local tattoo studio and gradually get each of my temporary tattoos inked permanatley. After all, this is my body and I would never dream of telling anyone else including loved one what they should do and shouldn't do to themselves. It will also be a lot less embarassing for me when I am stood next to someone who is genuinely tattooed. I feel so stupid stood there with my tattoos that are beginning to peel away.
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Did you go for it? I have three tattoos, and don't regret any of them. From your pictures, guess you did.

I started with temporary tattoos, then got one of them inked permanently. I have never regretted it and my husband finds it very sexy that I am tattooed and he isn't!